Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book Ends & Bunting

With Angus at preschool today, I thought it would be a good opportunity to continue my decluttering streak. Our dining room or "kid's corner", as it is more commonly referred to, was in urgent need of a ruthless cull. It is no easy task when I usually have a very curious 3 and a half year old breathing down my neck. Plenty of useless nick nacks were discarded and a handful of long lost pieces found. It wouldn't be a cleanup without a few random objects shooting up the vacuum pipe. My rule: If it's small enough to be sucked up into the vacuum bag, then it can stay there. Especially with a teething baby (who gnaws on anything he can lay a finger to), crawling around the place.

It was a good chance to go through the pile... no, TOWER... of books accumulating under the boy's activity table. It has been bothering me for a while, the books not having a proper home. A place they can be displayed, admired and kept safe from boisterous play. Since the purge I did in the boy's room (which included bidding a fond ebay farewell to the enormous baby change table), space has been created and I love working with it. I've been on the lookout for a set of book ends, to cradle a collection of Angus' favourite titles.

This morning, during a brief shopping session, I found just what I was looking for. The cutest pair of wooden owl book ends, in bright, funky, happy colours. I love the Licorice brand for kids. Beautiful, decorative delights for bedroom and bathroom. And how was I to resist a cheerful strip of fabric bunting (also by Licorice and on the same shelf as the owls) to add to the wall above the new book ends. Some things are just meant to be.

This week I am grateful for book ends and bunting and that little extra space to fill with such finds. Joining in with Maxabella to share the grateful spirit. 


  1. How cute is bunting!

    Did Angus chuck a wobbly about toys going missing?

  2. What a lovely space you have created for your boys!

  3. Okay - trying to comment again. About 5 of my fav blogs are blocking me atm :( Let's see if it works now I've cleared by cookies !!

  4. That such is an adorable space you have the bunting and bookends.


  5. lovely bunting! I love the buntings we have here, I also have some 'corners' of my house that the kids have taken over. In fact I spend so much time just clearing up their stuff and sometimes it looks like I haven't done anything

  6. Gorgeous Julie! I love the book ends and the bunting is super cute! Such a great space for the boys, i bet they love it and didnt even miss a few forgotten toys missing! :)
    Hope your having a good weekend. xx

  7. Oh Julie they're perfect. I have a slight obsession with birds and especially owls but almost everything 'owl' related in the shops is pink so you've done well. I love bunting too. I had some made up for Blake's nursery when he was a bubba and it's still hanging in his room. You've inspired me to organise the boys room tomorrow and take some happy snaps to blog.
    I hope you're having a great weekend lovely xx

  8. Loving it! So bright and cheery.Good shopping!


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