Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grateful for all the small things

After a trying week of rainy, grey skies and chilly temperatures, it was a great relief to wake up with a clear, crisp, sunny morning on Friday. It also marked the first successful night (in I can't remember how long) of Angus sleeping in his bed. My Kilimanjaro of dirty washing, finally met with the clothes line and a strong, steady breeze. And a glorious light engulfed our home... streaming through my bedroom doors like rays of hope.

Angus has not been the biggest fan of having his hair washed lately. He will suffer it, but with significant protest. Of course, on the night's we don't wash his hair, he also dislikes getting it wet. So how was I to resist a couple of cute frog and duck shower caps, from Star & Rose. It seems the scallywags enjoy clowning around in them a little more than bath time itself. But hey, if it encourages a positive tub experience, who am I to complain!?

With the makeover on the boy's room a definite work in progress, I continue to source fab finds to decorate the surrounds. The room looks a bit of a mish mash, with no particular theme, but it is bright, happy and inviting. I couldn't resist a set of funky cars and adorable zoo animal decals for the walls... and on sale... extra bonus!

Felix has been challenging the existence of days naps lately. On Friday afternoon, with big brother at preschool and Mama cuddling him on the lounge, he drifted off to dreamland for a solid 2 and a half hours. I may have even nodded off for an hour of that session myself. It was time well spent and reinforced just how grateful I am for snoozy, snuggly, arvo naps with my littlest babe. 

Linking up with Maxabella and all the grateful posts, to share my gratitude of all the small things making me smile this week. 


  1. Your boys are just the cutest! So glad things are picking up for you, the sunshine always makes us feel better.. i know we have said this before.. and im sure Angus sleeping in his bed has made you feel even better, i bet you feel great after a goods night sleep! yay!
    The boys room is looking super cute, i love the wall stickers! I'm sure the boys love them too . And so lucky you got them on sale!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friend. xx

  2. What a gorgeous post! Love your doors, love the shower caps, love the wall decals...and those boys are adorable! :)

  3. Some lovely small things to be grateful for. They all add up to a something beautiful - your lovely family. Oh sunshine .... how I miss you right now.

  4. Afternoon naps keep mummas sane, I firmly believe! As does sunshine... hope your weekend is ab fab. gxo

  5. How gorgeous are those shower caps?!
    Your weekend sounds just lovely. And I love the pic of your little man fast asleep - what a cherub.
    Hope the rest of your weekend has been just as fabulous xx

  6. He did it J!! YOU did it!!! sofa king chuffed xxx

  7. Gorgeous post Julie!
    Love the pic of your boys in their cute little shower caps but that bottom one is the best. There is nothing cuter in the whole wide world than a sleeping babe.
    have a great week.

  8. Definitely a lot to be grateful for.
    Your boys are so scrumptious and those wall decals are fantastic :-)


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