Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Wrecker

I have a little wrecking ball in my house. He is about 13kg now, strong and moves with speed. Actually he can also strike like lightening and I think that is what makes him so tricky. Tricky AND destructive. There is no doubt Felix has pressed the buttons and pushed the limits alot sooner than Angus did. He has a sparkle in his eye, that has been there from day one and takes in EVERYTHING. Which often leads to unexpected events in our day.

Over the weekend, Felix added another skill to his dare devil repertoire. Climbing the stair case. Overnight he acquired the confidence to give it a red hot go. He made it to the sixth step, before I realised what he was doing. As heart stopping moments tend to happen, it was all in slow motion. I tried not to startle him and walked from my upstairs position, towards him. As soon as he noticed me, he smiled, threw his arms in the air and went to sit down. Not a good look when climbing stairs. He tumbled backwards. Once. twice. three times. Before coming to a halt on the floor boards below. Angus and I saw the whole thing. Thankfully, he was fine. I picked him up and after a few high pitched screeches, he was smiling again. Angus, a real brother, laughed and exclaimed excitedly, "Felix fell on his head!"

So my mini wrecking ball continues to weave his trail of destruction. With shattered tumblers, snatched from the kitchen bench top (twice) as I innocently walked past with him on my hip (note to self: use plastic tumblers for the next few years). A broken vase, wrenched from my cupboard, left open for a split second too long. Fire place guard torn down at every opportunity. Toilet paper roll shredded if ever the chance is presented. And my favourite for his display of ingenuity and dexterity... removing the grate in the bath, as the water from the bath was being let out AND dropping a facecloth straight down the open plug hole, in one swift, 5 second motion. 
He is a true little boy and lucky for him... very cute and cuddly.


  1. He sounds like a little tornado, but a damn cute one. How lucky that he was ok after that fall!!

  2. Oh yes I remember that stage all too well. Blake will be three in September and I still call him my tornado. Surly he has to calm down soon.
    Lucky your adorably cute Felix xx

  3. Keeping you on your toes then?! What a cutie though. My littlest one has that same outfit in pink... toasty warm! gxo

  4. He sounds like my youngest. I think they must take notes from their older brothers, because they seem to have it all figured out so much earlier!
    He's adorably cheeky.

  5. He sure is cute and I can see that sparkle in his eyes! I have one a bit like that too. She's the littlest pink and it there is trouble to be found she'll find it. But so cute and loving and adorable. I often think this attitude will take her far in life. She is so funny and carefree (and slightly pigheaded!). These are the kids sent to us to keep us on our toes!

  6. I think it must be a second born thing, they all seem to be fearless, and much more daring than there older siblings!
    He is such a cutie! I'm glad he was ok after his fall, you must have got such a fright!

  7. Oh yes I have a few cut from the same mold :) Fearless little daredevils who are up for anything. It's amazing what kids can bounce back from and I am glad he is okay after his little tumble down the stairs...the first of many I dare say :)


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