Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Popcorn Partners

Up until last weekend, Angus had never been to a cinema. After today, he's seen two movies on the big screen in less than a week. Neither were conscious decisions of mine to take him along. Friends suggested both get togethers and it worked out really well, despite my initial doubts that he might be a little young at this stage. I can still remember my first movie on the big screen, I was 4 years old and a blockbuster about a loveable Extra Terrestrial stole my heart. I spent the latter half of the movie perched up on my Mama's lap, devastated and blubbering for poor ET and his plight to "Go home".

Today's movie, Cars 2, was a definite hit, with the three and a half year olds AND their Mama's. Animation really has come along in leaps and bounds, since the cartoons of my day (yes, I DO feel old saying that... and while I'm on the subject of the olden days, the candy bar is certainly not living in the past... $13 for a tub of popcorn and a cheap plastic cup is a bit rich). The dialogue is a treat, I just love the clever, witty quips, purposefully thrown in for adult benefit. The two babies were on their best behaviour, sleeping soundly from beginning to end. Watching our munchkins on their 'movie date' was a definite highlight for us. They are too sweet. Angus looking so very grown up with his new 'spiky' do. 

Note to self for next time though, when you're on to a good thing and it's all been smooth sailing... retire early. There is only so much love three and a half year olds can offer up, before it all becomes too overwhelming. I know this, I just sometimes get carried away with the fun myself. Certain questionable behaviours led to an abrupt departure soon after the closing credits rolled. All in a day's play I guess. 


  1. So gorgeous. It's great to read a positive review too.
    I was sooo looking forward to taking Magoo to his first ever movie soon. Cars 2 was in my sights. When I was at work last week, his Grandad took him. Sweet - but I was very much looking forward to it! Apparently he wasn't much interested in the whole thing - might've been the 3D choice though!

  2. yes little ones have alarms that can go off no matter how much fun they are having.

    Your children are beautiful!!

  3. How cute are they on their 'date'!!! I was thinking of taking my 3 year old to see Cars (she is car mad) on a solo date with just me - I feel like we haven't really had much one on one time since having her sister. Good to hear you enjoyed it too!

  4. Oh yes the leaving "in time." I learned this lesson the hard way over and over again. So glad everyone had a great time. I'm hoping to take the offspring to the movies during the holidays as well.

  5. Ahhh I'm glad he had a great time at the movies! It's so damned expensive these days isn't it?! I nearly had a heart attack when I took the girls to see Tangled. $60 for three of us a small popcorn and a bottle of water. Wha?

  6. We are wanting to see Cars 2 during the holidays though I am not sure whether our little one will manage to go the distance.

  7. You did so well for him to make it to the end credits! But yes, it's a quick exit when there is a melt-down. But good on you for going to the movies with both the kids. I attempted it a few times when my 2 year old was smaller. But wouldn't dare now. He can't sit still for two minutes. Actually, make that two seconds!


  8. I am still the Evil Mama who POPS THE POPCORN AT HOME AND TAKES IT IN PAPER BAGS. Cripes. Sorry kids. They'll probably need therapy one day soon. (But have you seen what they put in that stuff?!!!)

    Sweetest kid flicks pic...


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