Monday, May 30, 2011

Shinin' down like water

We woke to the sound of teeming rain this morning. I do love that sound. We have a tin roof, so it has an extra "pitter patter", as Angus calls it. Nowhere near as deafening as I had imagined it would be, before we moved in. It's homely and soothing. There wasn't alot of choice on where we would spend today. A planned park play date needed to be postponed. Constant rain meant we were even unable to make a quick mercy dash next door to our local park. So instead, we rearranged.

For a long time now, the boy's room has been getting me down. It is poky and cluttered and I was certain we weren't utilising the space to it's full potential. There is of course, limited space to utilise, but there is always more than one way to design a room. I'm also a big fan of the purge, tidy and sell/giveaway. And so my long lost friend ebay received a workout this afternoon (it's been almost a year since I sold something and I have missed the thrill of an online auction. very. sad). After almost 3 hours cleaning, purging and organising the room, I had a large bag for the rubbish bin... an even larger bag for charity... and 3 sizeable items for my ebay list. YAY!

The room is still far from complete. It's a tough one when they're sharing and at noticeably different stages. There are so many ideas swimming around in my head. Plans of what I would like to do with their space in the future. For now, they will have to wait. Today, I am just pleased and feeling that much lighter for the purge. Sleeping positions have been changed and swapped around (hopefully for the promise of a more settled 3 year old). A bedside lamp has been added for a softer lighting option. And the world's most loved Alphabet chart shifted into a more prominent place. A productive day indoors as the rain tumbled down.


  1. Rainy days will find me rearranging things too Julie. In Sydney it was always furniture and somehow it always looked better... I guess that's why I kept doing it. Now it's more likely to be the books in the library! Looks like you have one happy boy there... gxo

  2. Look at that cheeky smile ... I think he likes it!! I do love a purge, always makes me feel so much better. Here's hoping your boys have a wonderful nights sleep in their new room!

  3. love a good clean out and purge Julie! went through all my kids toys on friday, but havent yet done the ebay thing, your post just reminded me i must put some things on there!
    As a kid i always loved our rooms being rearranged. i hope your boys like it too and you get some good sleeps tonight! xx

  4. Angus looks like he's thrilled with his new room! Gorgeous. x

  5. Looks like your son is pretty chuffed with the new layout.

    I've been having a massive cleanout too whilst packing and often rearrange the house to change things much so that hubby never knows what he is walking into some days :)


  6. Oh, there is NOTHING better than a de-clutter. It actually frees your mind! And is there something wrong with the thrill of the sell? Ebay is FABULOUS!

    Love it! (And you!) xx

  7. i so need to de clutter, good on you for doing so! room looks fab. x


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