Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Five Years

A friend once said to me that a child's birthday is as much a celebration for the parents as it is for the child. At the time, I smiled and nodded along, having very little understanding of how true that statement actually was. On the weekend we celebrated Felix's fifth birthday. Our spirited and loving middle child. Never before has that notion felt stronger than it did as I reminisced the past five years. Five long, challenging years, filled with just so much of everything. As I sat in the park and played cars with Angus, while Bonny napped in her pram and Felix occupied himself just near us, I felt a fond twinge of nostalgia flood over me. I remembered the day before Felix was born five years ago so vividly. Those days when our family was small, in comparison to now. When my attention was directed onto one little being. How simple, in hindsight, things really were back then. And how complicated, at times, things are now. It was poignant that I was able to spend that hour or so sitting in the warm Winter sun, playing cars with my big boy. A fitting way to reflect. Then the following day we all lost ourselves in the excitement that is turning a whole new number. A number Felix has been waiting to turn for such a long time. And he enjoyed every moment of his day. From their footy games in the morning, to his party with dear friends in the afternoon. Seeing his little freckle dusted face filled with joy meant everything to his Daddy and I. We've travelled a bumpy road with our beautiful boy and learnt more than we ever thought possible in the process. Definitely something worth celebrating. 


  1. Yes, 5 is quite an achievement for a parent. Sounds like a lovely day :)

  2. Happy birthday to your little guy......and yes congratulations to you is a huge milestone. Xx


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