Monday, May 11, 2015

Being Mum

There is nothing easy about being a mum. It is a constant grind and even when you think you might have worked it out, you haven't. Because it never stops teaching you and all of the learning, is on the job. So much responsibility lying heavily upon your shoulders. Weighing you down, almost smothering you with each new challenge. It's relentless and at times, thankless. Some days you get to the end and wonder how on earth you are supposed to get up the next morning (or sometimes, even in an hour's time) and do it all again. Where will the strength come from? The perseverance and positivity to say 'tomorrow is another day and I will make it better than today'. 

But it comes. And you rise and you see their fresh little faces, wrinkle free and soft. Hear their chirpy voices babbling on with innocence and wonder. Not a care in the world (except for maybe when breakfast will be ready). You smell their sweet, clean hair & feel the warmth as they snuggle next to you for reassurance as they begin a new day of adventure. They need you and love you unconditionally. Because you are mum. A privilege and an honour to have received. Mother's Day prompts me to think about this enormous role I've undertaken and it reminds me of all the sacrifices my own mother made for me and my brothers. It's not easy, but it's worth it. It's what I always wanted and I know that without it, I would be lost. It has made me a better person in so many ways and for all of these things, I am grateful. 


  1. Love those little smiling faces having a ball at the beach x

  2. Beautiful photos Julie, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Can't believe how similar all the kids look! xx


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