Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Favourite Girl In The World

The morning I snapped these photos, we were off to visit Nana. Little lady was babbling away in the back seat and I was rush, rush, rushing, after dropping the boys to school and trying to keep up with the dozens of thoughts that run through my mind at any one time. When I turned around to glance at my girl, she had hold of one of her brother's Fireman Sam trucks and catching my eye, she returned one of her million dollar smiles. She then proceeded to hug the truck close to her neck and face, patting it like it was her baby doll. I honestly sat there for a minute and just held onto that moment. The sweetness of her and the little personality she is revealing to us, a fraction more every day. These are the times I want to remember the most. Because I think times like this one are the kind that I remember from my own childhood. When my beautiful mum would say to me, "you are my favourite girl in the world". And she could say that to me with complete abandon, after raising six sons before me. And I get it now, more than ever, because it's exactly the way I feel about our darling Bonny. 

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