Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love Stories

This week I am grateful for love stories. Just like Wills & Kate... or William & Catherine... or the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (now I'm just confused). Thankfully, I am not naive enough to believe that real love stories always fall into place just perfectly, as they are often depicted in the movies. But something about the royal wedding last night simply restored my faith in the kind of love I believe in. Witnessing their declaration, on such a grand scale, poise and confidence oozing from bride and groom, filled my heart with joy. Indeed, the road to true love did not always run smoothly for these two. I think this fact makes them both even more endearing, to the billions who watched as the magnificence of the occasion unfurled.

It got me thinking of love stories, a little closer to my heart and home. My grandparents. Married for sixty five years... SIXTY. FIVEYEARS. Before both moving into a nursing home, at ages 87 and 85. Passing away, within a year of one another. Together... always. My own parents. They have been married for almost 52 years. Now I know their journey has been anything but smooth. However, to me, they are the ultimate love story. Without all the glitz and glamour of a royal couple, of course. I'd like to think of Scott and I as a love story and sometimes I do. Though I am far more realistic about my own love story, maybe being a part of it clouds the fairytale notion somewhat. I am still very much in love with my hubby, so that has got to be a good sign.

And as long as genuine love stories continue to exist in the world, I will have faith and be ever grateful that they do. 

Joining in with the delightful Maxabella to spread the word on love stories.


  1. How true!! Such a sweet couple Wills and Kate. Loved it all :)

  2. Ahhhhhhhh *sigh* Gotta love a love story. :)

  3. 65 years is very impressive! I will be well into my nineties if my hubby and I are to make that but it is certainly something to aim for. Wills and Kate were gorgeous last night. I loved watching them 'tie the knot'. Smiled for hours x

  4. Oh, how I love a love story too. Your grandparents sound like mine. Married for 72 years before my nana died, and within a year, my grandpa. Their love story was anything but easy, but it shows that people leave each other for much less. I loved the royal wedding, and am so glad you popped over to visit. The Royal Wedding sure was fabulous, don't you think?


  5. *deep sigh* it's been a lovely few days hasn't it? I loved watching the wedding replays on Saturday with my daughter and soaking up the excitement and festivity of it all. We need romance to help us through the prosaic elements of life. They nourish each other don't they?


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