Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nine Months

This past week, our nights have been rough. I have been lounge bound since last Wednesday night, when Felix awoke around 11pm coughing... and eventually gagging... and then throwing up! All over us both. Pleased to say the coughing subsided by Friday. However, this little thing called teething, hasn't been so kind. He has been clingy, cranky and downright miserable. Even the 2 nights I was out on the weekend, saw me returning home... to the lounge. Hauled up with my adorable baby. Adorable nine month old baby!

Nine. months. Where have they gone? I am sure I don't remember Angus' first nine months flying by like this. Though I guess everything is slightly more drawn out with your first bub. For all his misery of late, he has actually slept pretty well when he's close to me, on the lounge, or in his bouncer next to the lounge. And if the truth be told, Mama doesn't mind it all that much. Because a more delightful nine month old, I couldn't have wished for.

Felix is bright, cheeky and has a smile for everybody. He is constantly exploring and certainly has an air of mischief about him. Getting around by either a speedy roll, or the more preferred option of commando crawl. He hasn't quite mastered the art of forward crawling, opting to go in reverse when up on his knees. But he's getting there. Just yesterday, he worked his way to a standing position, against a dining chair. Then promptly fell backwards and started bawling. He amazes me when he cleverly negotiates the little step from the kitchen down to the back of our house. Knowing to get down backwards, all by himself. He's sprouted THREE new teeth in the past week, which appear to have come through all at once. Giving him a grand total of six chompers. And boy, does he like to use them on Mama! His least appealing trait at the moment. Loves his food and babbles incessantly, "mama... dada... baba", repeat.

He is the apple of all our eyes... even big bro Angus, who likes to play hard ball, but adores his little brother with all his might. It is more than coincidental that Felix is the first person Angus goes to every morning when he wakes up AND is the first person he asks about when I pick him up from a day at preschool. It's nothing but love for our beautiful nine month old babe.


  1. Oh i hope he gets better soon. You're about to venture into my favourite age - 10-20 months, i loved those times, to grow, learn & develop so much. Blink & they're in high school, love Posie

  2. Oh my, he is a gorgeous little boy.
    I hope he's feeling much better by now.

  3. He's so cute, even with all the 'trouble' he's been causing. xx

  4. It is not fair, how quickly your second grows. Enjoy him!


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