Friday, April 22, 2011

All Good

The past couple of days have been a wonderful intro to the Easter weekend festivities. Yesterday, Mama and I hit the Royal Easter Show, Felix in tow. I decided not to take Angus this year, as quite frankly, it is hard work. We wanted to wander around at our own pace, see our favourite attractions, like arts & crafts, cake decorating, paintings & photography and of course, the animals! Significantly harder to achieve with a 3 year old in the equation. It was a glorious sun shiny day and my aching feet last night proved that we had certainly made the most of our 5 hour stint. We also made the most of the CWA's magnificent scones. Wow-ee, those ladies know how to bake! I am such a little piggy, only thinking to get a shot of my delicious plate after I had devoured half a scone. Nothing stands between me and a devonshire tea.

Yesterday afternoon, Angus had his 'Easter Bash' at preschool. It was quite the par-tay. Scott and I arrived to pick him up, planning to stay a few minutes and expecting to see a few tables with chips and lollies and the odd easter egg. Instead, we discovered Angus' preschool likes a spot of entertaining. Beer & wine laid on (yes, alcohol at a preschool function, hmmm!?) and the food. Oh. the food. The BBQ was firing with a selection of burgers, sausages and vego treats. The kitchen producing plate after plate of skewers, rice dishes and curry. It really was a feast for the senses. The directors are a husband and wife team. When I expressed my gratitude to them for putting on such a fabulous spread and celebration, their response... "oh this is nothing, just wait until our Christmas party". Well... I think I just might. Maybe it's my newbie status, being a part of the preschool community, but functions like this are pretty cool. Even if they are crawling with 80 something kiddies.

Today, the boys and I visited my parents for a beautifully relaxing day, munching on hot cross buns and playing in the garden. Scott plays golf on Good Friday every year... and goes to the NRL footy game in the evening. His Dad, brother and lots of mates have been doing this 'boys thing' ever since I met Scott... and probably even before that too. SUCH boys! Angus had a grand old time throwing and kicking the ball with his Nana in the yard, climbing the trees and getting completely spoilt with Easter gifts too. Felix lapped up time on the lawn, to roll and explore in the warm Autumn sun. A good Friday... yes indeed!


  1. What beautiful picture you take. Love a good devonshire tea and that cake is fabulous!!

  2. Aaahhh you had me at Devonshire tea, my favourite.
    Lovely yard too, perfect climbing tree as well. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Now this is living isn't it? When it centres round great things like this. That toadstool cake is a work of art!


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