Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's the little things

Lately, I thoroughly enjoy a full day at home. The weather is just about perfect at this time of year and our place feels especially bright and comfy as a result. I like being able to catch up on washing, folding, bits and pieces that are often difficult to get done on days when we're racing around. I love to potter. I feel at peace when Felix is having a nice, uninterrupted, three hour nap, in his own bed. The familiarity of home. It's a blessing. It really is.

Relaxing days at home also lend themselves to plenty of fun, imaginative, hands on play. Lots of puzzles, car games, ball throwing, play dough AND painting! I am a bit of a stationery nut. Always have been. Stickers, pens, paper, pencils, stamps. The LOT. Nowadays I have also taken a shine to kid's craft, of all kinds. Angus is particularly passionate about art and craft at the moment. I think the onset of preschool has enhanced his creative side and he is content to scribble away on pages and pages of fresh white paper. Painting is definitely at the top of his list at present. So when wandering through Target last week, I stumbled across a fab find for my crafty fellow.

How I love Crayola and it's vast array of activities... it appears still at 1980's prices. I am sure the cost of their goodies is on par with what my Mama was paying back when I was a wee tot. I found an awesome paint set with 4 pots of colour AND 2 pots of glitter paint. Yes. Glitter paint! FABULOUS! Plus a small paint brush included. On sale... for $4.40! True to my bargain hunting roots, I snapped up 4 sets of those babies, for my craft stockpile. Because on days like these, there is nothing better than a little treat of new paints to feed that creative appetite. 


  1. We are craft nuts here too Julie... we have a table dedicated to it! I can't get out of Spotlight for under $100 and the holidays are perfect for crafting up a storm... gxo

  2. My mom preserved my awful abstract when i was young.. now,i cant believe that i made a such painting like that--wonderful!


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