Friday, April 8, 2011

Grateful for Music, Outlooks & FREEBIES

It is never easy for me to narrow down the list of reasons I am grateful, but I try. Joining Maxabella, with a few lovely examples from my lengthy list this week.

Music - Sweet/funky/boppy/soulful/rhythmic/thought-provoking/dance-inducing MUSIC! I can't get enough of music. Anytime. Anywhere. This week I have been particularly swept away by an artist by the name of Mark Sholtez. His song 'This Perfect Day' has had me swooning like a school girl every day since I downloaded it. The lyrics, the beat, the voice. Impossible not to fall in love on the spot. I am eternally grateful for music.

Outlooks - The sky. The ocean. The trees. I have been peering through this outlook, with it's picture frame of trees, for many years now. It is one of several sections along the coastal path I walk, that blows me away every time I see it. Unfortunately the photo just doesn't do it justice. There is a certain serene, magical, almost mysterious quality within this scene. Be it walking, jogging or pushing a screaming child along in the pram. When I reach this point, I'm always compelled to stop. Inhale. Admire. I think part of it's appeal is that it isn't a marked lookout, it doesn't have a seat for resting on and beyond the shrubbery... nothing but the rocky cliffs guarding the ocean below. It's nature at it's finest and for this, I am grateful.

Freebies - Who doesn't love a freebie? Especially when the freebie is for something that sets your taste buds racing. So I am feeling rather grateful for yet another Brumby's Bakery freebie offer, generously delivered to our mail box. Two Hot Cross Buns. On them! It is rare to find a genuine-no-catch-freebie, but this one is just that. My word, I love a good Hot Cross Bun, warm and toasty, smothered in butter. Yes, I am SUPER grateful for FREE Hot Cross Buns this week.

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  1. A gorgeous list indeed.
    I love the way that music can change a mood and like you say, make you feel like a school girl.
    I am most grateful for all your kind and thoughtful comments.
    Have a wonderful and happy week.
    And yep stewed pears with ice cream gets my vite too.


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