Monday, April 25, 2011

I will remember them

It seems almost fitting that the weather here today was dull, bleak and lifeless. I can remember many a damp, grey Anzac Day in years gone by. I recall the Anzac Day when I was about 12. My Dad waking us up in the dark of night and literally frog marching us off into the dawn service at Martin Place. I will never forget that day. My Dad quietly reassuring us that it was an important event to experience and that we really had very little to complain about, my two youngest brothers and I. He was right.

I don't pretend to know alot about the various wars, the battles fought or the lives lost. All I know, is there were too many. Way too many. Too many families left without their father, husband, brother or heaven knows, their son. Whether the cause they were all fighting for was worthy, or not, those brave young men and women, marched on. All of them, changed forever. It is rare to find an Aussie whose family were not affected by war, in some capacity. Scott's grandfather and two of my great grand-father's served this beautiful country we live in today. A free country, brimming with potential everywhere you look.

My word, we are lucky. I simply cannot imagine sending any. single. one. of the men in my life off to war. It chills me to the bone to even think about it. So today, I tried not to. Instead, I was thankful for all those who served our land and continue to serve our land. We visited Scott's parents in the morning. I hung out with my boys. Scott trotted off to the pub, with his brother and some mates, for a spot of two up and to watch the footy matches. And I made these crunchy little biscuits, to enjoy in the comfort of our lovely home. I will always remember them.


  1. Your blog is looking rather lovely! It's good we remember. And those anazac's look delish :O) Yummo!!

  2. Love the biscuits! My boys love whipping them up with me each year.

  3. I know this sounds daft but any chance you could send me the recipe. I've been tormented with the memory of my mum's oaty crunchy biscuits (hers had a dollop of chocolate on top) and I've been all through her recipe books and can't find the recipe. These look a bit like them. It;s good to remember how lucky we are. Just an hour ago I hugged my husband and said how lucky we are to have such amazing girls after a particularly amusing dinner. And despite all the crap and sadness in my life I do feel lucky. Like you say, I'll never have to send my loved ones away.

  4. Lovely post. I have 3 boys and the thought of any of them being sent to war makes me sick to my stomach. We are a lucky country because these young people gave their lives, and we must never forget their legacy.
    I'm now following your lovely blog. :)

  5. I just love your blog and have just awarded you with the 'The Versatile Blogger' award. Check out my latest blog entry for the details


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