Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Marathon Easter

We started the day with our very first Easter egg hunt. This year Angus fully understands all things chocolate and I have to admit, I have been waiting for this time to come since... oh, he was born! I have been a bit of a sweets nazi since day one and despite being branded a meanie by friends and family, I have stood strong when it comes to indulging him with all the naughty stuff. But not this year. Scott and I enjoyed every egg he discovered, every excited little expression and of course the happy child with a basket of loot afterwards. Magic.

Then, it was time for Mama to hit the sand. I simply need to keep my exercise momentum going... even on Easter Sunday and especially after my lazy, post Christmas lull. By about my sixth lap of Coogee Beach, everything burned. My legs, my feet, my back. Even my face, covered with sweat and wind swept. I was so ready to call it quits at that point. But then I thought of the young lady who was swimming 60 laps of Bondi Beach today, to break some kind of world record and I said to myself "suck it up princess" and went on to complete 10 laps (or 5km!). It was all worth it to see the sun finally break through the clouds overhead. Quite the start to my Easter Sunday.

For lunch, we cruised on up to the Northern Beaches, for a delicious meal at the Newport Arms. That place is a parent's dream. A child friendly mecca, with large tables, huge undercover seating area AND a playground... complete with sand. All this, as well as a picturesque view over Pittwater. A fine location to spend our first Easter as a family of four... and the first year EVER that we haven't had to rush somewhere to meet people or go to someone else's place for lunch.

Post lunch antics on Newport Beach, with a game of catch using the velcro mitts and also a little frisbee action. Then, as Angus never lets us get past a playground (he has a radar for these things), we spent a good chunk of time making the most of the facilities there. Both boys were extremely worn out and slept soundly the entire trip home. What a way to do Easter Sunday. 

From Home...

to Coogee...

to Newport Arms... 

to Newport Beach.


  1. what a fabulous place to bring up your boys - I'm struggling to do some running at the moment and a beach like that would spur me on! Thank you so much for all your supportive comments - I can't tell you how much it means to me. I look forward to following your boy adventures while I pursue my girlie ones...

  2. Gorgeous pics and your boys are adorable.
    I wish we lived closer to the beaches ...and soon we moving further away.

    Ps You might to come enter my blog competitions over $600 in prizes to giveaway !

  3. Just blog hopping and came across your blog.

    I remember going to the newport arms when I was pregnant with my first son while we lived in Sydney.. Seems like so long ago!


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