Friday, April 29, 2011

(Wedding) Fever

Well there is nothing quite so glamourous as two sick tiny tots. My poor little boys have both been struck down with a nasty coldy/fluey type virus. All three of us spent last night bunkered down in the lounge room. Angus and I slept on a lounge each and Felix in his rocker... as he only seems to get some sleep in this when he's crook. There were periods of comforting, holding and settling, with both boys. Then (I think) around 1am, we all lapsed into an exhausted state of slumber.

If it's one week I could seriously do with a bit of sparkle, romance and escapism... it is this week. Aren't I fortunate that there just happens to be one helluva royal knees up this evening!? I am really looking forward to watching the big event on tele. William & Kate exchange their vows, the guests, the carriage... THE dress! I am preparing myself for one big cry fest and hope the rain stays away for their historic moment. I have a sparkling moscato chilling in the fridge, which will go down just nicely, after our fave pizza takeaway for dinner. We like to class it up around here.

I've seen gorgeous pics of some very special days around the blogosphere today, which have inspired me to dig out a handful of my favourite snapshots from my own big day. The most magical day of my life. Ah yes, wedding fever... THE best kind of fever.


  1. Oh so beautiful. That last shot of you is especially lovely! I am loving seeing all of these wedding shots around the place. (thanks kate & wills for the inspiration!).

  2. Just gorgeous I love the cystals on your bodice.
    That last photo of you in B&W is simply stunning.

    I hope your boys are back to full health soon xx

  3. You are completely gorgeous, what a beautiful dress & stunningly loving photos. The bridesmaids, everything to classic, you'll never tire of these images. Thanks for sharing, i love how so many have put up wedding photos too, i did, love Posie

  4. Oh look, it's our very own Wills and Kate. You look STUNNING! Thank you for sharing your special day as a princess! Also, I've subscribed to your blog. Will definitely be visiting again!


  5. Love the gorgeous pictures! you look divine :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog so I could find yours.
    Naomi x


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