Thursday, April 28, 2011

What goes up, must come down

For the entire Easter break, I was riding on a high, in my happy place. It seems only fair that I am now serving some time in my... not so happy place. Today was a mish mash of tears and tantrums, rain and gloom, frustration and housework. Angus is unwell. Again. I kept him home from preschool, as his nose had a constant stream of gunk flowing (too much info) and there was no way I would send my little man in such condition, to a place where he can't choose to rest or play, when he feels like it. I lost count of the number of times he bellowed, "My nooooooose, Mama!". Between Felix's ample string of dirty nappies (again, too much info) and Angus' fuller than full nose, I felt quite ill myself.

It would also appear that Felix is in the early stages of getting sick. He has a raspy cough and is a tad irritable. In saying that, he is still a bundle of energy and a pure delight with his infectious giggles and squeals. I'm crossing my fingers it only touches Felix in a moderate way. Add to the overall feeling of sickness around the place, the mountain (or maybe more appropriately volcano) of dirty washing spilling from my laundry. The rain seems intent on sticking around for a while yet. Little breaks of sunshine teasing me momentarily, only for the dark clouds to slide back in and release another massive downpour. So, my living room is a chinese laundry right now. It is funny how on days like these, our place seems... Ooooh 50% smaller than it actually is. The walls closing in around us... and our washing draped furniture.

However! I came up with 8 small highlights out of a decidedly sucky day... thank. heavens. for highlights on rough days:

* The floors are looking fantastico! Clean, clear and smelling apple fresh. This little exercise also kept both boys amused for a good half an hour, as they followed me around cleaning.
* A chance to catch up on some blog reading... in between adjudicating arguments over toys, books and the tupperware cupboard.
* Hitting up itunes and purchasing 15 new tracks, past and present, all music that inspires me. I. Love. itunes.
* Plenty of left over Easter chocolate (may or may not be considered a good thing... today, it was a good thing!)
* The fact Angus' horrible chesty cough is breaking, which surely means he is getting closer to being well again... yes, this even counts as a highlight, of sorts.
* Staying in my warm tracksuit and ugg boots all day... so gooood.
* The boys playing peek-a-boo under a blanket and laughing themselves silly over it.
* This photo, taken on a property not far from where my friend lives. Something soothing about sunsets, I adore them.


  1. May tomorrow be a better day my friend x

  2. Oh I feel for you! It's no fun when wee ones are sick. Hope everyone feels much better soon xx

  3. You're a good 'un to be able to see the positive on a dreary groundhog sorta day. Hope they're both on the mend very soon. x


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