Saturday, April 23, 2011

Special Gifts

Already, this Easter weekend, we have been spoilt. Our visit to Nana & Pop Johnson's place yesterday, saw the boys returning home with a bunch of gorgeous goodies. Not unusual after a trip to Nana & Pop's, but there were some extra special gifts in this lot. One of which is a beautiful book called Rainy-Day Duckling. As a child I was fascinated by changing picture books. I think I only ever had a couple of them, but I remember them being the pride and joy of all my books... along with the pop-up collection. Rainy-Day Duckling, is one of those books. Spectacular illustrations and a heartwarming story to match, it is a most welcome addition to our ever expanding library. Like myself as a child, Angus seems completely amazed as the pictures morph before his very eyes.

Another gift making me smile, is one I received. A small ceramic egg. I spotted the little cutie while shopping with my Mama a few weeks ago and mentioned how sweet I thought it was. Then what should I receive as part of my Easter package... the very egg trinket box I had admired. Looking at it makes me happy. The colours of the flowers in the design, the delicate butterfly, the gold coloured rim around the middle of the egg. Which just so happens to open up and reveal a handy hiding spot, for all things precious and miniature. A very meaningful Easter keepsake to treasure for years to come... and with far fewer calories than the edible treats! 

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  1. I love that your Mum went back and bought you that egg.
    What a gorgeous thing to do. A beautiful egg it is too.


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