Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Old Fashioned Sunday

The weather over the weekend felt as if it were trying to squeeze every last drop of summer leftovers out, with an explosion of sunshine and warm temperatures. Well, until Sunday afternoon that is. Then it turned on a decidedly chilly, blustery, wintery scene. Just to keep us on our toes. We managed to spend alot of time outdoors, exactly how we like it.

First thing on Sunday morning, I was back into my sand running, on glorious Coogee Beach. It has been... ahem... too long since my last sand run. I have been beyond slack and made many, many excuses (all quite legitimate, in my eyes), but something had to give. I have been feeling sluggish, lethargic and very unfit lately. I know running is the best cure for me. I've been here before. Weekends are the only time I can actually make the effort, as Scott is around to watch the boys and I can get out and about early. I am determined to stay on track and focused from now on and... dare I say... keep up the intensity throughout the rest of Autumn AND Winter. The toughest months of all for outdoor exercise.

Sunday afternoon saw my boys and I heading out for a picnic, despite an apparent change in the weather brewing. We intended to head up to the Northern Beaches for a bit of a change. Then heard of all the traffic chaos in and around the Sydney CBD due to the World Triathlon Championships and opted to stay a little closer to home. It's been some time since Scott and I went to Watson's Bay, but we've always enjoyed the fish & chips down there, so thought it would be a nice spot. It was the perfect choice for our Sunday arvo. Ball games in the park, time in the big playground, a little exploration adventure (led by Angus), the yummiest fish, chips, calamari and salad. And what Sunday afternoon would be complete without a soft serve from the whippy van?! It's been years since I had a whippy... and I think Mr Whippy's prices have even stood still. Good old fashioned value. Good old fashioned fun.

Very pleased to say that although it threatened to bucket down on us, the rain didn't start up until we were driving home. Two sleepy boys in the back. Two happy parents in the front. A great day all round.


  1. We must be neighbours! We went to Centennial Park on Sunday for a picnic, and got caught in that rain. It was a beautiful morning though, wasn't it?

    Good on you for getting back into the sand running. I used to hate it while I was doing it, but love myself afterwards.

    I need to get moving again. I'm not quite ready for sand running, but pavement walking... yes. x

  2. Wow a sand run that is a great effort!

    I've been procrastinating over downloading a C25 app to get myself off the couch and running but the hills in my suburb are putting me off.

  3. I love days like those!
    Gorgeous pics!! :)

  4. I've just popped over from Planet Baby and I can't look away from your Sydney photos... I think there are more people in those gorgeous pictures than there are in our new little village... missing Sydney! gxo


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