Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's no business, like Show Business

Yesterday, I took the boys along to the Sydney Family Show. We met up with my old friend and her little girl, who just so happens to be 10 weeks older than Angus. They have been great chums from day dot and they always have an absolute ball together. They appear to have a certain affinity with one another and it is super cute to watch their interaction, now they are fully fledged three year olds. Like a couple of old bingo partners.

The Family Show is equivalent to the poor cousin of the Royal Easter Show. Everything is just a little bit more... compact... with a tad less variety. But it does try. And what is lacks in size, it makes up for in fun. Especially for the little ones. They're not too bothered if the rides are smaller, stalls are shabbier and the entertainment is lower key. Seeing their delighted faces as they go round... and round... and round on a ride is all the satisfaction we need as Mama's. Oh! and it's free entry, which has to be a plus.

Angus is a classic when it comes to rides. He approaches them with an air of bravado, a sense of knowing just what he is getting himself into. It is only when the ride takes off... or is about to take off... that his defensive instincts kick in. Always too late of course. He was adamant he wanted to ride on the 'mini' Ferris Wheel and even after double... triple... quadruple checking whilst waiting in line, he was still as keen as mustard. Even as the seat took off up into the air, he was doing ok. It was only when the man controlling the wheel stopped it, to do a change over of kiddies at the bottom, that Angus started to freak out. And I mean, FREAK OUT. We could hear his screams of "get me out"... "I want to to GET OFF", from the ground below. I was half panicking, half nervously laughing. I could see him trying to get out of his sash. My friend and I calmly yelling to sit tight and hold Lilly's hand. Once it was moving again, he settled, but had another little moment just before their seat was unloaded at the end of the ride.

After the Ferris Wheel, he proceeded to ride on 6 more rides, with little hesitation and plenty of enthusiasm once they were off and flying/spinning/bouncing. It's anyone's guess exactly what goes through children's minds, but I'll never stop trying to figure it out.

It was a beautiful day, with my friend, her children, wandering around together under sunny blue skies. A pit stop for a yummy lunch at the Fox & Lion Hotel, in the grounds just next to the Show. Then back to the Show for some time in the precious farmyard nursery, an icecream and a play in the playground. If I could choose a perfect Wednesday, this would be it and I'm sure the kiddies would choose the same. 


  1. Oooh if we get all our house stuff done on Sat we'll be going on Sunday. Can't wait! Looks like you had a ball. x


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