Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Since Angus was first able to focus, he has had a strong preoccupation with vacuuming. As a wee tot, he was wary, in a nervously excited kind of way. He'd run and scramble onto the lounge, taking his favourite toys with him... or sometimes the first toys he could grab. Creating himself a panic room of sorts, just in case the vacuum took over the house for a prolonged period. At least he would have plenty to play with, bunkered down on the lounge. As he grew, so did his confidence and fascination with the vacuum. It is now one of his favourite things to do, when helping around the house. Though I doubt he sees it as a chore.

My faithful old vacuum started gradually deteriorating a while ago. Originally a hand-me-down from Mama and a good little work horse while it lasted. This week it made way for a brand spanking newbie in the ranks. The DC35 'Animal', by Dyson. I've taken a leap of faith in purchasing a rechargeable vacuum. I only hope it doesn't end up catching me short as often as my camera and mobile phone do. But it's just so pretty and clever and compact and nifty.

The 20% discount at the MYER pre-Christmas sale also came in handy... AND the free children's Dyson thrown in. Angus was beside himself with eagerness, to get it home and give it a whirl. The box boasting a vacuum that 'really picks up'. Except Mama didn't realise it requires batteries. Four of them... and the large ones. So there was much disappointment when it was pulled from the box and didn't work. When will I ever learn to check these things while we're still at the shops. 


  1. My boys went through the vacuum cleaner love stage... unfortunately they got over it!!! Love the mini dyson though!

  2. Oh my Riley has the same one and loves it! my mum got herself a new dyson last year and it came as a freebie too, so cute! Enjoy your new toy! xx

  3. Awww.
    New toys all around.
    I'm a big Dyson fan.
    Happy hoovering!! (I'm Irish, remember!)

  4. Go the dyson, oh all the boys are pleasing mum this morn (just read Shar's @ mum on the run blog). A future vacumming husband, another future wifey pleaser!;)

  5. Kaizer is the only one of our lot who doesn't like the vaccum...he runs as soon as it's plugged in.


  6. When Angus runs out of work at our place, he can come over and vacuum my place J ;)

  7. Your boy loves to vacuum?! Where can I find one of those? ;)

    Just like her mother, my little girl is petrified of them - sigh.

  8. They are great & oh so easy to use! Enjoy. And send that boy of yours over my way anytime he feels the urge to vacuum! ; )
    Alison x

  9. Hmmmm I could never get my children to vacuum. I have to remember Dyson when next I am in for a new one. I have had issues with my VERY VERY expensive vacuum since the day I purchased it. Would like to add how very special your posts are. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. Grrrrrr Animal Lol. I love my Dyson even if it is not the super cool Animal. How well trained do you have your boys if they love to vacumm. Future SNAGS there hun. Yuor future daughter in Laws will be forever indebted to you :) xx


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