Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sparkle & Shine

We were unintentionally swept up in a wave of Christmas today. Our local Westfield saw the arrival of none other than Saint Nic himself. Plus a grand parade of festive characters. Singing, dancing and all kinds of glitz and glamour. It was actually quite impressive for a shopping centre effort. As expected, the display attracted hundreds upon hundreds of squealing, jumping, hyperactive children, which of course was how we were drawn to the action. Angus was enthralled. It seems he no longer holds an unnatural fear of the man in red, as he fidgeted and questioned "where is Santa Mama... when is he getting here?" 

Felix, on the other hand, was not so taken with the fanfare. Even though he was contributing to the noise with his trademark screech, it ended up turning into more of a cry, then a wail, then a full blown meltdown. A combination of tiredness and crowds and Santa's helpers with their high pitched voices, will do that to a 16 month old. For me, it was anything but relaxing, as I juggled Felix on my hip, while keeping an eagle eye on Angus constantly. He tried valiantly to duck and weave his way to a position up the front on the red carpet. It was nice to see the Christmas spirit alive and well at our local, even if it seems like we just celebrated Christmas and it's a good 7 weeks away and I am totally not. even. close. to being ready for it.

Could have kicked myself that I didn't have the camera on me, for the ample photo opportunities. Next time. Instead a pretty picture of a farewell gift I received from some lovely work friends yesterday. What a beautiful bunch they are to organise such loveliness. Unfortunately as hard as I tried, I couldn't do justice to the gorgeous pendant with my amateur photography skills. But it sparkles and shines in the flesh and I'll treasure it always.


  1. Oh Julie, I am cringing at the thought of your struggling so valiantly under such trying conditions. I feel your pain from here! At least your pretty necklace can make you smile. J x

  2. that necklace is STUNNING! as are you xxx

  3. Lovely pressie, lov the sparkle!! We had the Santa Xmas maddness to today, complete with high pitched wails/screams, it sort of reminded me of why I dont usually go to the shops Saturday mornings :)

  4. Gotta love a nice, public meltdown.
    We enjoyed one of those at a play centre birthday party today.
    The walk of shame was a beauty!!

    Now - speaking of beauty.
    Your gift is just stunning.
    And well deserved, I'm sure.

  5. What a beautiful necklace and a lovely reminder of your workmates :) The Xmas parade sounds overwhelming. I'm hoping Jasper as gotten over his fear of Santa this year as I want to try for the Santa photo again! xx

  6. Oh, it's beautiful! You lucky lady.

    I'm not ready for Christmas yet, either.
    Even if the kids put up their tree yesterday!!!!

  7. It sure does come around quickly - even the Myer windows are in full Christmas mode! I'm slowly psyching myself into it. Enjoy the lead up with the little ones - they loose all that enthusiasm when they're teenagers - now it's all about presents!!!

  8. Julie, that is one very beautiful and thoughtful gift from your co-workers. I think you did justice to it enough!

    As for the Christmas excitement... toddlers have a way of ruining it sometimes! I remember fondly having just one and seeing the sheer delight on his face. These days, I don't get to enjoy it as much for the screaming other child ruining the moment for all of us.

    The joys of motherhood, eh?

    As for being ready for Christmas... I'm as ready as you are. It seems to come around quickly these days!


  9. Very thoughtful, what a beautiful necklace. I adore a bit of dainty bling.

    Ahhh, Christmas, we are s l o w l y chipping away our 'to do' list. xoxoxo


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