Friday, December 2, 2011

Starting Anew

There's a lovely little preschool, I have been admiring for a few years now. One I've always envisioned the boys going to. Just a short walk from home and right near the school they'll be attending, it's a perfect option for our family. This week, I received an offer of a position for Angus, starting next year. As with most of the preschools in the area, this one had a huge waiting list. So we're pretty lucky to get a spot. My initial relief and excitement was replaced quickly by concern and guilt.

This year has presented an extraordinary set of circumstances, which will ultimately mean when Angus starts at the new preschool in January, it will be his third change in a year. I feel awful thinking about this. The idea of uprooting him from yet another preschool, only to start all over again in a new one, is one I'm definitely not looking forward to. The hardest part being how very settled and happy he is with his current teachers and friends. I also, love the current setup (with the exception of the half hour drive, in peak hour traffic, for drop off and pick up). In no way was it supposed to turn out like this. However, certain outcomes in life are taken clean out of our control.

So I have been busy agonising over this issue. Dealing with dates and times and enrolment forms. Plus, being far too chicken to mention anything to Angus... or even his teachers. I really need to thicken this skin of mine. To cap off an extremely on the go couple of days with my littlest boy, we spent a beautiful hour down by the harbour. Wasting time before picking Angus up from preschool. This location would have to be one of my favourites. I've enjoyed the view here many a time over the years. While we haven't exactly experienced the sultry heat of Summer since we kicked it off yesterday, Felix and I made the most of the fresh and gusty afternoon, bathed in sunshine, at the most breathtaking of parks around. 


  1. I would dread to tell my son if he had to move schools too. We bought our place when my son was in grade 1 and we contemplated moving him to the school right on our street in grade 2. But after much thought we decided we loved his current school and the community focus, so we didn't move him. I am glad now that we didn't. Although our journey is 3 mins by car so the travel is totally fine.

    I am sure within a few days Angus will be fine in his new school. And you are going to love the shorter travel time!

    Gorgeous photos as always. :) xo

  2. i think it is always harder on the parent than the child. he will settle in and have a great time julie. sydney harbour is really breathtaking. i will be there very very soon for a few days celebrating christmas with my work colleagues. we are off to the Sugar Room over Pyrmont way...I can't wait. it also means a mini stay without the kids for a couple of nights. perfect timing just before christmas. love your photos. have a great weekend. xo.

  3. Aaaahh. It's only so complicated and guilt ridden because we love them so much. But these little people are far more resilient than we realise sometimes. Whatever you choose, Angus will be just fine. Your pics are so cute. :-) x

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Totally agree with mum on the run's comment, he is far more resilient that you realise, so in the long run it will be ok. Once he's settled in, he'll be fine. Sounds like the perfect pre-school to me ; ) Happy weekend to you Julie. Alison x

  5. he will manage the change. don't worry, kids are amazing that way! love the pic where he looks like he's dancing, a bit of a cool lean! hope you put any deep thoughts to the side and enjoy your weekend. x ashley

  6. So love the harbour, those pics are gorgi!! Do the move, Angus will be fine and think of how much less driving you will have to do, the twins for various reasons had to move daycare 3 or 4 times (cant remember)and I always talked it up as an exciting new adventure and they were fine. Go easy on yourself xx

  7. Don't worry, kids make friends and adjust quite easily. It's us as parents who suffer more internally - we have to care for so many other people besides ourselves.
    What a lovely afternoon you had by the harbour- those moments are priceless

  8. That must be THE best park in Sydney. What a view!

    I think we're harder on ourselves than we need to be. Kids are resiliant and will adjust easily. Plus in your case will benefit from being so close to home.

    I'm wishing you an easy transition :)

  9. That is a pretty special park! Love the photos Jules. I hope all the preschool transitions go smoothly for you. They not to think about it too much. xx

  10. I love that spot too. I have had many a lunch sitting down there admiring the view.
    Dont be hard on yourself about the change in preschool. you have to think long term when it comes to this.
    I have changed my boys a couple of times before and they just made the change over beautifully. At this age they are so resiliant and they make friends so easily.
    Be kind to yourself - you are doing the best thing for your boys and you are such a wonderful Mum :) xx

  11. Theres that beautiful face so sweet his smile always makes me smile, oh thats the one thing I miss about Sydney is the Habour Bridge, looking and lunching around the Rocks, love these photos. I think making decisions for our children is the hardest thing to do as a Mother. Though I must say they are very resilient I would take him there beforehand spend some time with him and his teachers (if possible) that way you can talk about what a great visit you had there over the holidays with him that may help him get ready for the change. You are such a beautiful mum try not to worry I’m sure he will love it. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  12. Hi Jules those pics are too cute. I have similar of Dylan (7) from when we lived in Sydney when he was the same age as you little man. Lovely to meet you and thanks for the sweet comment.

  13. Oh I feel for you, Julie. It is true that they are very resilient and it is perhaps harder for us. Good luck with the transition, I'm sur he will be fine.

    As always, your photos are just delightful and your little man, adorable.

  14. The thought of moving can be paralysing...well, for me any way. But I've learnt the thought is usually worse than the event. Hope it all goes well.

    And what an amazing backdrop at that park! Gorgeous photos!! :)


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