Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I scream

Here comes the rain again. There goes the sun. With it, the warmth, the sparkle, the spring in my step. The joy I get from sunshine and heat, is so physical, it can almost be touched. I know I bang on about it... often. Though after a run of beautiful Summery days, the gloom and darkness today presented, was all a bit too much. Add to this, a cranky, loud, 16 month old, from the precise moment he woke. And yet again, a broken camera. Yet again, a lens error. Yet again, it will take up to a month to repair. So I'm without my favourite appendage and back to the old, OLD faithful, clunky, not so snazzy camera, for a few weeks at least.

But amongst all the drear, this misery guts found some magical highlights. My new bright red pants. These babies are redder than red hot. Fabulously festive too. Wearing them made me feel extra funky today. Visiting my parents and having a good old chinwag with my Mama, whilst the boys ran amok played. Embracing the disgustingly cold, rainy, Wintery conditions, by donning my luxuriously cosy Ugg boots (which HAD been put away until next Winter). And because I needed an indulgent mood lift, a couple of generous scoops of Bulla Creamy Classics Boysenberry ice-cream. I'm pretty sure this is a new flavour too. I make it my business to know all the flavours on offer in the supermarket and hadn't seen this one before. Full cream, rich veins of boysenberry rippled throughout. Deeeeelicious. 


  1. Good on you for seeking out small comforts when the weather didn't play nice.
    No such complaints here - so I really should relieve myself of these cranky pants!
    Maybe get me some gorgeous hot red ones!

  2. Yes to red pants, ugg boots and running amok. Double yes to boysenberry anything, let alone ice cream! Always a bright side. X Ashley

  3. I'm the same, love summer we have been having beautiful days up here too and now they say we are getting some rain, I hope not. Yum for boysenberry ice cream have not tried this one yet. Hope it warms up again for you soon my friend enjoy your day.

    Always wendy

  4. boysenberry sounds yummy! never tried it.

  5. Wow ugg boots, cant imagine them being pulled out this time of the year! Go the red pants, dont they make you feel fab. Boysenberry ripple..yummo.

  6. Go away rain! I've got my cranky pants on too!
    I think I should swap them for extra funky red ones ; ) then i'm bound to feel good again. And yes, I can't believe I'm rummaging in the bottom of my wardrobe this morning looking for my uggs...come back summer! alison x

  7. Ah, such simple comforts :) I wish I could pop around to see my mum or sisters when the mood strikes. We used to have almost daily contact (visits) when we lived so close...not so easy these days.


  8. How yuck is this weather??

    I'm not an ice cream fan, but that does look pretty good! x

  9. red pants...love!! we have had days of rain too julie. the weather is all over the place at the moment. hope your baby cheers up soon. they all have days like that...i know how bonkers it can make you. xo.

  10. I can't believe you are having so much rain! Having said that...it is just about to start pouring here!

    That ice cream looked yum-have a big bowl for me!

    Best wishes,

  11. mmmmm yummmm. This wether is just bizarre isnt it. I can't believe we have actually had the heater on a couple of nights. Bring back the sunshine I say xxx


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