Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carnation Milk

For a while now, I've noticed a slight shift in Angus' 'eat-everything-on-the-plate' approach to food. It's a culture shock for me, as he's always been a top eater. I never had to deal with picking or fussing when it came time to start him on solids, because he literally tried and devoured the works. If this is the beginning of receiving a taste of my own medicine, I'm in trouble. I was a majorly fussy eater. Food needed to be sliced, diced or mashed in a certain way. As well as visually appealing, with an appetising aroma. I loved my Mama's cooking, but would rarely eat meals prepared by anyone else. When I was ten, I spent some time in hospital after a bad car accident and I can distinctly recall sending the breakfasts back each morning. Insisting I would only eat my Mama's scrambled eggs. Hospital food I guess, but what a little pest!

The finicky tastes didn't just stop with food. I also refused to drink milk. My poor Mama persisted and battled, but to no avail. Wouldn't drink the stuff. Still don't for that matter. This I have always attributed to the doctor's advice for my parents all those years ago. They recommended I be given carnation milk (evaporated milk) as a substitute. Rather sweet kind of substitute for a one year old baby, to my way of thinking. Could explain my penchant for all things sugary. But I know it explains my love of carnation flowers. Those crinkly, soft petals and delicious scent remind me of the carnation milk tin, every time.

Pretty pot of creamy carnations, bought for me, by Mama, 
last week... just because.


  1. Your mum is so sweet buying you a 'just because' present! They are lovely.

  2. I was a super fussy eater as a child too.
    Children's hospitals make my stomach turn.
    I spent a long stint in a hospital far from my parent's home town.
    Most evenings an absolute cow of a nurse would force me sit in the dining room long after everyone had gone back to their rooms because I wouldn't eat my peas. They made me dry retch until I was in my late twenties!!

    Magoo's palate and diet are better than mine.
    He loves most foods - unless they happen to be called 'dinner'!!! We just have a 'hearty snack' at about 5.30pm everyday!! Kids.

    I think you should enjoy your sweets guilt free - it's not your fault. That doctor set you up for a lifetime of sugar.

  3. I love carnation milk, straight from the can and had my list fix when I was pregnant, just needed the stuff. I did buy a can the other day - how funny - to make a christmas log and I have been restaining myself not to open it, so far so good....so yummy!x

  4. My mum always puts Carnation Milk in her coffee, so it always reminds me of her.

  5. What a gorgeous mama you have, just because : )
    Here's hoping it's just a passing thing with your little man and he is back to his normal eating habits soon...fingers crossed!
    mmmm, now I feel like having carnation milk in my coffee...
    alison x

  6. I love 'just because' gifts, they mean so much more :)

    It's funny reading back through my plunket books and seeing what Dr's recommended in those days (early 70's, NZ), it would horrify health professionals these days.


  7. Abbey (5 years old) had always eaten almost everything, but the last 10 months or so have been a challenge. She is now not eating lots of things she used to love. I think it is a control thing for her, she can pick and choose, and make her own decisions now, and she is. We now let her eat around certain foods she says she no longer likes, as I know she eats enough good food most of the week.
    She is now, after almost 5 months in HK, trying more and more new foods too, and has declared she loves dim sim dumplings.
    I hope Angus grow out of it :)
    ps: I was an awful fussy eater as a child too, but now love a huge variety of foods.

  8. We use to put carnation milk on our poridge (with brown sugar too of course) as kids.

    Don't worry, your mum wasn't the only mum to be advised to give their child carnation milk - mine too.

    The flowers are beautiful.

  9. I have always made rice pudding with carnation milk. Carnations are beautiful and such a sweet smell these were my sisters favourite flowers.I would look at a second opinion if it worries you my friend it could be just something his going through at the moment. hope you have a beautiful day dearest one xo

    Always Wendy

  10. How lovely! Those carnations are gorgeous!!


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