Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rain & Lightning (McQueen)

Aaaaaand exhale. As previously established, rainy days are not my forte. I can appreciate them in the middle of Winter, if we're sick and slow and lacking vigor. But on days when the old body clock is set to Summer time, we're full of energy, excitement and expectation... a rainy day indoors is a challenge. So I approach it in blocks. Little chunks of the day accomplished like a milestone. Until the day is done and put to rest and all that is left is hope for the next day to be a more agreeable one.

Today it bucketed down, it poured relentlessly, it was cold and dark. But despite a few battles and the odd Mexican standoff, we got through. I introduced Angus to a fond childhood game that my sister-in-laws played with me. Our long, thin house is perfect for What's the time Mr Wolf? Which is just as well, as once Angus had a taste for the wickedness of it, we played no less than 40 rounds. Worked up a good deal of sweat and burnt plenty of energy too. I always love when children really like something, they thrash it with unbridled enthusiasm. Felix squealed with delight and joined in with the chase each time.

We did play dough, drawing (in Felix's case, all over himself!), devoured a truck load of fruit (must have been all the running up and down the house) and sought satisfaction in every Mama's best friend, Disney Pixar. Angus has a slight obsession with the colourful characters from Cars 2. He loves the movie and thanks to my Mama and one of my brother's has almost everything that opens and shuts in Cars paraphernalia. Again, he has thrashed the Cars 2 dvd, but until today, hadn't seen the original Cars. What perfect timing that he should receive the dvd from my brother yesterday. A piece of gold for Mama, who may or may not have dozed off for a lazy hour in the middle of the movie, while Felix also slept. These rainy days indoors as a stay-at-home Mama aren't all that bad, really.

Poor quality photos due to dodgy stand-in camera... nothing to do with the photographer. 


  1. Ah perfect, a nanna nap during the day...gotta love that! Yah for cars, do what you have to do I say, whatever gets your through the day!

    We need rain on the Coast, so humid and hot and the rain threatens but no such luck, the gardens are screaming for a drink!

  2. Bless his sleepy little face! And thank god for resourceful mothers on shitty weather days!!!!

  3. Oh we love Whats the time Mr Wolf too! It is so simple, and so wonderful at the same time. Glad you survived a rainy day, I hope there is lots of sunshine for you tomorrow :)

  4. I actually don't mind such days spent indoors, especially if it involves a nana nap :)

    Thanks for the reminder of "what's the time Mr Wolf" I loved that game as a child and need to introduce it to Kaizer as he loves playing chase and catch.


  5. Sounds kind of lovely! I wonder how you are going today with yet another set, miserable day? Our TV has not been turned off! Dreadful parent that I am!

  6. Oh J, the wet weather is a killer. So hard to make it through the day, especially if you have early starts! Hoping this weather clears soon!


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