Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celebrations, Sculptures & living in the moment

On paper, we had a brilliant weekend. Powder blue skies, abundant sunshine, warm gentle breeze everywhere we went. Birthday celebrations for a very special one year old gal, who's mama is a dear friend of mine. Then an excursion to see the magnificent Sculptures By The Sea, in keeping with our annual family tradition. All good, happy times, lots of fun and yet this evening, I feel somewhat unsettled. It may have something to do with the general over-tired, over-stimulated, over-emotional mood about the place. Sort of leaves me a bit overwhelmed, for want of a better word.

Upcoming dates, times, events, commitments, appointments, decisions. All swirling around like a vortex in my head. And of course the every day bump and grind. Scott at work for 60+ hours per week, a spirited almost 4 year old determined to cross swords with me daily and a cranky 16 month old who is sprouting teeth faster than the speed of light. Sometimes it is easier just to look at things on paper. And enjoy life for what it is... living in the moment.


  1. oh yes, sounds like one of those weekends, weeks, months!
    hope all the things spinning around your head get settled and you can enjoy the week ahead. or should we say one day at a time!
    my 4 yr old is being a tad difficult at the moment, tantrums are the "in" thing right now..arghhh.
    hugs Julie, hope you have a quiet nights sleep ♥

  2. Oh Julie. You sound like you need a break, my friend. Know you're not alone - I can have 3 tantrums all going at once at any given time, especially when we're just about to dash out the door to take Joshie to school! Hmmm...J x

  3. Deep breaths Julz! Take it one thing at a time - 'this too shall pass' (which is what I keep telling my gastro crazed house!!!) Fantastic sculptures - love the zebras.

  4. Stunning pics - again.
    But I hear you about that unsettled-but-can't-quite-put-my-finger-on-the-exact-cause feeling.
    These here are hectic times.
    When I'm like this, I find making lists and prioritising helps me feel a little less spinny about it all.
    I hope you have a great week.

  5. It was hot today, kudos for getting out amongst it. Hopefully you can build in lots of chill time for you and the smalls soon.

    I feel you - this last 2 months of 2011 is full. on. xx

  6. wow those sculptures look amazing! I know what you mean and hope things settle down for you soon. xx

  7. For a second there I was zebra's don't go too close to the edge!! ...don't they look fantastic!! Great pics. I'm actually holding my breath hanging out for the new year...hoping that things slow down and then I can sit back and breathe. I know it's going to be a much better year. Sounds like you could be holding your breath too. Hugs Julie, you'll get there. It will all fall into place. Alison x

  8. wow, those zebras are striking!

  9. this annual event is spectacular isn't it? and in such a wonderful location too. sometimes our head spaces do become overwhelmed. i know then i need time out. put your feet up when the kids go to bed and do nothing!! xo.

  10. I saw these zebras on someone FB profle and it made me crack up. I was wondering what it was all about.
    Hang in there hun - the good days will soon out number the crappy ones :) xx

  11. I hear you, You amazing Mother the day in day out stuff does get you down and believe me it's ok to feel that way. Give yourself a dau off even if you can't go anywhere have a one day holiday at home. Hang in there my friend wonderful things will come soon.

    Thinking of you xo

    Always Wendy


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