Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kayla's Mission

At various times over the past couple of days, when I look at Angus, my throat constricts. My tummy turns and I work hard to hold back the welling in my eyes. He is just months away from turning four and he is absolutely beautiful. He sings and dances, tells jokes and giggles uncontrollably at almost anything. He is in his element when doing art and craft and delights in constructing objects from the ground up. The higher, the better. He demolishes his food and keeps the dairy industry in business with his intake of milk and yoghurt. He is revered by his baby brother, who thinks he is just the bees knees. And he is. He is almost four and I adore him, more than words can say.

Today, I made a comment on a post by one of my favourite bloggers. About how I will never truly understand why some things happen. Why really bad, tragic things happen. My sis-in-law's niece has a little girl a couple of months older than Angus. During our pregnancies, Stef and I connected over email on numerous occasions. Sharing in the excitement of our pregnancies and subsequent births. She in Adelaide, I in Sydney, but linked by a common bond. Our precious first borns. In April this year, her sweet girl Kayla, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. My heart aches terribly to even write that sentence. I just. don't. understand. This dreaded disease, cancer, takes on so many forms. It creeps up like an evil predator and indiscriminately shatters the lives of good, honest, wonderful people. 

I've felt such a strong sense of sorrow since learning of Kayla's condition. It has shaken me to the core. Stef has set up Kayla's Mission, a facebook page dedicated to her beautiful daughter's fight for survival. This evening, I cried long and hard reading Stef's updates on Kayla's progress. My gorgeous, almost four year old boy sleeping by my side on the lounge. All those tiny day-to-day hiccups that tend to get me down, fade to insignificance. The health of my boys is the greatest gift I could ever wish for and THE most important thing in the world. I hope and pray with every inch of my being, that darling Kayla can get back to being her four year old self sooner than later.


  1. Big hugs.... A beautiful post that has such sadness in it as well.

    Bless your friends beautiful babe, we are sending positive thoughts and love.


  2. Oh, it is just heartbreaking Julie. I have a 4 year old too and just can't imagine being in that position. Big hugs to you and prayers for Kayla and her family xx

  3. Oh - it's heart and gut wrenching to think what some poor souls endure in their lives...especially in little lives.
    It's so so hard to find rhyme or reason when confronted with sad situations like this. The injustice of it is mind blowing.
    I pray that little Kayla can beat her condition - and think we'll all hold our children just that bit longer with Kayla in our thoughts.
    Tears streaming here too.

  4. Oh my. That must be so hard. I want to cry just thinking about it. She go and visit the site and share my support. All my prayers and positive thoughts for a very quick and complete recovery.

  5. Gosh I got goosebumps reading this Julie...such a heartbreaking thing for any parent and child to have to face.
    Keeping little Kayla in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Oh Julie. How utterly horrid. Sending hopes and prayers of healing. J x

  7. How absolutely horrible. My heart bleeds for these parents. I have a 10 month old and all I have prayed for in the past 10 months, God forgive me, is the health of my son and ours(my husband and mine) so that my son can have his parents around while he grows up. I wish your friends and their daughter long, healthy lives. May this disease be a distant memory in their healthy futures. God bless.

  8. Oh my gosh Julie,

    This I's just so moving. And unfair. Ad not right.

    And the exact reason I will never direct my nursing career towards working with children. I just couldn't do it!

    I pray for your beautiful niece xx

  9. My sweet friend I cry with you, I lost my beautiful sister to cancer only 10 months ago and heart will never be the same ever. I have been around and taught children most of my life, and can’t imagine watching a child struggle in this way.

    I know in my heart that having such a special friend as you to talk too would inspire Step in strength and little Kayla; I would be honoured to support you both.

    Sending love your way
    Always Wendy

  10. I know we always say WHY!! but it sux for kids to be so sick, its not fair, never is never will be, will pop over to Kayla's Mission. Big Hugs to you xx

  11. Oh Julie..I truly hope Kayla can overcome this awful disease too. I can't begin to think of how her poor parents must feel at this time. My heart goes out to all of you.

  12. I've been thinking about this so much lately... not that I know of anyone personally that is suffering like little Kayla and her family. But the realisation of how precious children are is absolutely terrifying! The thought of someone so little having to suffer such a terrible illness is just... there aren't even words.

    Wishing them so much strength for the tough road ahead, which I hope and pray leads to recovery for their little girl.

  13. I too have hugged my small people a little tighter after reading this. Sending thoughts and well wishes their way.


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