Monday, October 24, 2011

Beach Boys

Ahh, that is what we've been waiting for. Thirty. two. degrees. Bright sunshine. Gentle breeze. Low humidity. Water temperature of 17.5, not quite the mild tides of Summer, but beautifully refreshing nonetheless. Yes, the perfect cocktail of conditions for our first dip of the season. Our last couple of beach jaunts were a bit of a tease. Each time, it's been a strictly sandy affair. The outside temperature needs to be sizzling hot at this time of year, to counteract that chilly aqua. So today, the boys enjoyed the complete beach experience. And I enjoyed watching them.

Racing around, chasing, dodging, tempting waves to bowl them over. Gazing long, as each one formed and rolled into shore. The anticipation, excitement and thrill on their little faces... just utterly priceless. Cruising the sand in their rashies. Angus, tall and lean in his. Felix, plump and juicy in a hand me down from Angus' size 1 wardrobe. I'm not sure how much longer he will be able to squeeze into it. Though I am not too bothered, all those fleshy rolls are simply irresistible. On days like these, my obsession with photography takes hold. I adore every single shot. On days like these, I couldn't be happier and as tiring as taking two energetic fellows to the beach is, I will never tire of doing it. 


  1. And that there is what makes life grand.

    Beautiful. xo

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    Hellloooo Summer!

  3. Julie I am HANGING for these experiences!

    Your words are always just as beautiful as the accompanying photographs.

    Your boys are just divine!

    And felix's little swimsuit is basically ... the cutesy damn thing I've ever seen!


  4. A day at the BEACH! What more needs to be said to conger up "THIS IS THE LIFE" feeling. Enjoy! Cheers SpecialK xx

  5. That is THE life right there :)
    Totally irresistible!!

  6. Those photos are so beautiful. A day at the beach always makes me happy - and just looking of those photos reminds me just how much. Beautiful.

  7. Amazing photos!
    Gorgeous memories for your kids..and you. :)

  8. Oh Julie, your photography skills just keep on improving, my friend - these are sensational! J x


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