Saturday, October 29, 2011

Partying & Fundraising

Tiredness is a powerful feeling. It builds, gains momentum and eventually seeps into every inch of the body, until it almost paralyses. This evening, tiredness has caught up with me. After a few hectic days (and numerous late nights) I can feel the effects of fatigue all over. Today, quite possibly pushed me over the edge, as we dashed from pillar to post, for two important occasions. A pink ribbon breakfast fundraiser, held by a friend who's mama has been battling breast cancer, was the first stop. My word, she hosted a beautiful morning. And raised over $500 through her efforts. Quite inspiring given she is 35 weeks pregnant and has a gorgeous little energetic lady, a month younger than Felix, running around. The human spirit can be such a prosperous thing, when we truly embrace it.

Next stop, a birthday party for an extra special 4 year old in our lives. It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since I watched this little chicken take her first breaths of life. I will never forget that night. 10 weeks away from giving birth to my own first child, I stood and sat and waited and supported my friend, her hubby and her own Dad, in one of the most momentous deliveries any of us had experienced. That swollen, chubby, pink face staring out at me through the perspex hospital crib. Just incredible. And today, we celebrated with her, until we very nearly dropped.

Angus, who appears to be a little off colour, is now snoozing soundly. Felix, who insisted on clinging to me like a wet swimsuit all. day. is also sleeping happily. And Scott, after a day of 'catching up' with some friends, including a mate who is out from Singapore on business, is snoring deeply. I think it's time for Mama to also lay this tiredness to rest.


  1. A biiiiig day calls for a biiiig rest!!
    We have pushed it the last couple of days too and Hubby is already in bed (8.22pm on a Saturday)!
    Hope the rest of your weekend is a little slower.

  2. Weeks can be like that for no reason it all happens at once. So take time for you my dear friend slow down and enjoy the view around you sending you lots of recharged energy with a smile on top xo

    Always Wendy

  3. hi julie. it sounds like rest most well needed and deserved. enjoy the rest of your weekend. i love reading your posts. words put together so well. xo.

  4. Sounds like big week and well deserved rest.

    Your photos of the party are great - I've been meaning to ask, have you taken a photography course? You seem to have a real eye for it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend xo

  5. That is an action packed day! Gorgeous party photos!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  6. Look at that fabulous cake Julie! Sounds like an exhausting day. Hope you got a nanna nap squeezed in!


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