Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solo Saturdays

Most Saturday's, the boys and I fly solo, while Scott hits the golf course. He's a passionate golfer and I'm not, so it is definitely his thing. Although there are moments when I become a tad resentful of the many hours golf subtracts from our precious family time, they pass relatively quickly. Because I see how incredibly happy it makes Scott to play, compete, socialise and shake off the cobwebs after a long week in the office. He works hard and golf is his form of therapy. I appreciate that. And I honestly believe having separate interests keeps relationships healthy, it has worked that way for us over the past ten years.

Today, was a particularly nice solo Saturday around here. A stress free, almost enjoyable trip to the supermarket and green grocers. A session at the beach, working the sand whilst catching some rays. I am amazed how quickly Felix is growing. Watching him digging and experimenting, it's almost impossible not to capture those looks of concentration, shrieks of delight and displays of serious 'tude. We walked together in the warm sunshine and came home feeling tired, sticky and salt crusted. Then a pretty discovery as Angus and I raked and swept the backyard. My favourite bloom and resident creeper, has slithered it's way high up onto the fronds of our palm tree. Quite the sweet scented canopy adorning our little yard. 


  1. Gorgeous pics.
    Sun, surf, sand - it dosn't get any better.
    It is a healthy thing to have seperate interests in a relationship. I think it keeps us interesting to one another and allows for some individual space.

    However, I also understand the resentment that can creep in.
    I'm generally supportive of Hubby's passion (as he is of mine) but when he's blowing the budget or leaving me to hold the fort a tad too regularly, I can bite!!

  2. Just love those photos he is such a cutie, oh look you have your jasmine I can smell it from here.... Mmm just lovely. I can’t wait for my gardenias to bloom they are the scent that makes me smile the most. I agree we all need our “me time”, as long as you both get an even share. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and laughter my friend.

    Always Wendy

  3. Jasmine is one of those smells that always lets me know its spring - and reminds me of my nannas house!
    And its great to see your boys enjoying the sun and beach so much.

  4. Just signed up & oh how I love the scent of jasmine in the garden especially in the spring. It makes you feel like summer isn't too far away!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  5. Ooh you're a good wife! When the kids were tiny I made it very clear that since I got no time off John would be spending his weekends with us. Now that the boys are bigger he is allowed(!) to play football on a Saturday and a Wednesday evening and we usually go along to watch.
    He is much nicer for playing, but I'm much nicer when he is around for his children!
    Sandra x

  6. Sounds like you guys have a wonderful balance. It won't be too long before the boys will be going with Dad and you'll have the day to yourself! :) :) In the meantime, enjoy their company. Felix is so adorable... love his name x


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