Friday, October 21, 2011

Shiny Happy People

It's a strange treadmill, the one I'm on right now. If there is such a thing as being caught between two worlds, I actually think that's where I am. I know where I want to be, what I have to do to get there and who I need to rely on to make it happen. Yet the treadmill keeps rolling, with me clinging to it. The redeployment process has commenced at work. And in 12.5 years I have never felt quite so redundant as I do at present. Which is precisely how I should feel, my role no longer exists. As challenging as this situation is, I know it won't last forever. Whilst I think I am ready to move on from the world I have known for so long, I am feeling the sense of loss that goes with leaving it behind. A world of quality people and wonderful relationships.

Today, I attended a fancy farewell lunch for one of those fabulous people. A good friend who also decided to fly out of the cosy cocoon, after 8 long years. Someone who was put in the same position that I have been and made her choice to step into a new world. She will be sorely missed, but the memories of the past 3 years we have worked together will live on. Her fun, laughter and professionalism has inspired me since the day we met and watching her pack up and leave, seemed to make it somewhat more real for me too. How I will miss this corporate family of mine. 

Beautiful bouquet from a dear work friend... a lovely surprise for my Friday


  1. As you know the end of anything is difficult Julie. Here's hoping a smooth transition for you and hopefully that big ol' door is going to swing wide open and leave room for whatever it is you are passionate about. I suspect writing and/or photography might come into play in some way, someday.

    Keep me posted. As difficult as this journey may be for you be assured there are many cyber friends cheering you on. xo

  2. Julie this was very much how I felt leaving all our friends and family behind in NZ. I thought I was ready to leave that world behind me but in hindsight I was so unprepared not only for leaving but for what lay ahead. But I can say that we are all better for it :) We have really grown as a family and had opportunities and experiences that we would otherwise not have had. Change more often than not is a good thing :)


  3. I know exactly how you are feeling right now (although 12 years plus! Wow!) It's hard to be displaced, to not be anchored in all areas of our life. You will find something new in no time and whole new chapter of your life will be ready to start. x

  4. That's a difficult place you're in.
    I hope you can see your path a little clearer with some time.
    It really does always come back to the people and the relationships, doesn't it?

  5. Hi are so deserving of life's little treats like these wonderful flowers! Keep life's treasures close to your heart and as you go forward in life's amazing journey I hope you will be able to gather many more. Have a good weekend.

  6. Oh wow, you've described it so beautifully. I just wished it felt more stable and wonderful as you wrote it.

    There sure is a lot of love in your world. Those flowers are amazing!

    I bet something truly amazing is around the corner for you. Twelve years in the same job is just amazing! xxx

  7. Yay the flowers isnt it great to get a little spoilt and reminded that we are valued at work. Its hard leaving the workplace you have known, for me its been nearly 4mths but hell it feels great!!

  8. I know just how you feel.

    That hesitation of jumping off the treadmill in case you trip up... but I think you will land on your feet and start running in a new direction you love!

  9. Jules - go for it and jump. That is my best advice for you, because I have a gut feeling you will not only land on your feet but dive into your next adventure with great flair. xx


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