Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life's a beach

In years to come, when I look back on the stories, the photos, the memories of my boys as littlies, I'm certain the overriding themes will be fun and family, friends and parties, baking and holidays AND parks and beaches. My Mama often tells me that she doesn't recall us kids being naughty or challenging or rude or bratty. At times, it niggles me slightly. Here I am, in the trenches, dealing with all these behaviours (and more) on a daily basis. I know deep down, we were NOT perfect children. Speaking for myself and my brothers, we were right rascals a fair chunk of the time. Yet my Mama remembers the good times. Her mind selects the rosy bits and more than likely drowns out the muddy, murky ones. She does speak in great detail of traumatic accidents and injuries however. Those recollections are of course, a given.

So whilst my posts are littered with ramblings of frustration, trying moments and difficult experiences, I feel there is more of the good stuff than anything else. Now, every time I go to roll my eyes or switch off the sound when my Mama waxes lyrical about the angelic brood her and my Dad raised, I stop myself. Because these romantic memories are what she holds onto. In my own way, that is what I would like to hold onto. Mornings at the beach. Sun on our skin. Pots of fresh fruit... and chubby hands devouring them. Sandy faces. And forever learning from my mistakes... TWO plastic buckets... one for each cheeky boy. I guess life can be a beach, if we choose to make it one.


  1. She is sooo right Julz! I only want to remember the good bits and gloss over the icky ones - but then those good bits far outway the icky ones anyway! And you are a braver woman that I - fruit+sand, mmmm, tasty!!!!

  2. I think as kids get older the testing toddler moments are somewhat forgotten. Is your mum an optimist by nature? I certainly recall the fond moments from my childhood over the not so fun moments off the top of my head.

    Nice photos Julie. :) xo

  3. Life is what you make it and from experience the good times always outweigh the bad Julie :)
    My mum is the same happily recalling the positive memories from my childhoods and I think I am very similar, choosing to overlook those moments I would rather put right behind me.

  4. Hello sweet lady love these photos and the story they tell! I'm the same I don't really remember those hard days (and there were many)when my children were little just the beautiful ones, special moments just seem to over take your mind I guess that's a good thing, funny though my children tell me stories now of things they did behind my back and I think OMG how did I not know this!

    I Have a little card for you on my blog thank you for being just you!!Enjoy tomorrow my friend.

    Always Wendy

  5. I guess it depends whether at heart you end up being a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person. I'm with Wendy, the older they get, the less I can remember of particular naughty incidents in the main and the more I remember of funny or loving moments. I am glad it's working out this way..but I also agree with Wendy, that every so often a story pops out about something I was totally unaware of! Happy beach days!

  6. Beautiful pics and such true words.
    I love to think that the horrid days & moments won't be the ones I look back on.
    Love beach babes.

  7. More gorgeous pics which I just love looking at. How long and fabulous are those eyelashes on your beautiful child. Xx

  8. So true! My mum sounds just like your mum.

    ...and to think you have all those happy moments captured so beautifully on your blog - to look back on and share with your boys in the years to come.

    Beautiful photos - which say so clearly - "happy memories".

  9. Jules, you are absolutely right. I'll take the sand with the fruit anyday. x

  10. Love these pictures, gorgeous cherubs and brilliant sky and beach = heaven. What a wonderful fun family activity. N x

  11. My mum is the opposite - said I was a brat but I think I was an angel growing up - sweet & well behaved but she tells it differently!! I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!
    Melissah from coastal-style.blogspot

  12. Oh Julie, I LOVE your mum. How amazing is she to think so romantically of her time as a mum with young children. I, too, would like to hope that I can be as fond of memory as she when my boys are all grown up.

    And I think that you have her attitude. You appreciate everything in the now too. You just don't know it ;) xx


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