Friday, October 14, 2011

It feels like home to me

Two years ago this week, we moved into our little house. From the moment I laid eyes on this place, it was love at first sight. Though it is small, has no off street parking and could do with a makeover in certain rooms, it is cosy and comfortable and every bit our home. Originally, we had grand plans to extend and remodel and make fancy additions throughout. But the funny thing about grand plans, they're often also a little unrealistic or simply meant to be achieved over time or maybe not at all. I have actually heard that it's best to live in a house for a year before making any major alterations anyway.

A month after we moved in, I discovered I was pregnant with Felix. So the plans were placed on the back burner and have been on hold since. Precisely where they should be. Because these past two years have provided all the excitement and change we need. And they have travelled at the speed of light. However, I decided the old place did deserve a special something to spruce it up and this 2 year anniversary was a perfect excuse. I've been in search of a clever, yet stylish storage solution for the army of toys stationed in our living room. The other day I found it and I might just be head over heels in love with this place. Two gorgeous storage ottomans (which will also double as extra seating) on order, due for delivery in approximately 4 weeks. It has been so long since I purchased furniture of any description for our home, I'd forgotten how exciting it is. We may not have a few extra spacious rooms to loll around in, but a more modest splurge will do just nicely for now. 

October 2009


  1. Home sweet home!
    Your place looks gorgeous.

    Every now and then I have to stop myself in my tracks when I get a bit of house envy going on.
    (like tonight reading Sonia's beautiful home tour @ !!

    My place is definitely far from flash or modern and is in need of some serious renovating. But people regularly comment on how comfortable they feel at our place and we're pretty content here too. We've always got some little (or not so little) project on the go around our house - and I like that.

    Beautiful people make a beautiful home.

  2. My computer wouldn't let me look at your new storag :( The best thing about Home is the way it feels. We've been renovating for over 12 months now and still have bathrooms and laundry to do. It will happen one day - but other thing do become more important - like kids :)

  3. Oh I love these comments, "beautiful people make a beautiful home" and other things are important - like the kids! Love it. Also love your gorgeous courtyard garden. That little space there is all you need to create wonderful memories for you and the kids. It's so green and lush and relaxing...just lovely. Enjoy your new ottomans - what a great idea! And thanks for that link...just about to sit down with a cuppa and window shop ; ) Alison xo

  4. Lovely courtyard, complete with happy child!! Love that website thanks for the link!!

  5. Hi..I presume you were talking about the 'storage ottoman' on the's beautiful. I'd be excited too, to get such gorgeous pieces.

  6. We're the same hon, grand plans but no action! He he! I believe that home is truly where your heart is and in my case, my heart is my family. We could be living in a hovel and I wouldn't care less. As long as I have my heart with me. Your courtyard looks beautiful, and your little one *sigh* too cute for words! Looking forward to seeing your storage solutions... I need some ideas! x

  7. The storage ottomans sound like a fantastic idea! Happy two years hun! xx

  8. cosy love. what a great place you have there. the ottomans sound like a perfect solution. happy 2 years!

  9. I love pieces of furniture that double as storage...the ottomans will be perfect.

  10. "Beautiful people make a beautiful home."

    I just love this. Happy 2 years!!

    In February when I moved out of my 'dream' home in to this small rented villa it was heartbreaking but I've made it home with my things and of course my boys. Love and laughter in the home is far more important than how flash it is. Xx


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