Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Music Memories

In 1982, I was the same age as Angus is now. Just lately, I have been reminiscing on the glorious 80's quite a bit. Namely, the music of the glorious 80's. Music has an incredible knack of taking me back to a time and place. And 1982 produced some classics. Fond recollections of dancing around my parents room, as the LP's spun on the record player. Making their bed the stage... and bedside tables the wings. Across them I'd flit, mouthing the lyrics and grooving as I went.

Angus has developed a huge obsession with Gotye's hit song Somebody That I Used To Know. It started the instant he caught a glimpse of the film clip. Being all about the art and craft, he was captivated by Gotye and Kimbra's cameleon style body paint throughout. Now, he has seen it so many times, he mimics the movements, facial expressions and lyrics to the entire song. Not to mention commissioning either Scott or myself to play the role of Kimbra in the reenactment. As hilarious and mildly peculiar as we thought this was initially (for a three and a half year old), the flashbacks to my own early musical appreciation, remind me that it just comes naturally.

So one day down the track, I hope that Angus can look back with affection, on these first real memories of music video. Just as I do when I hear John Cougar's, Hurt So Good or Chicago's, Hard to say I'm Sorry or Billy Idol's, Hot in the City or Men at Work's, Who can it be Now? Oh my, the list goes on. How I loved being a kid of the 80's.  


  1. That's gorgeous!
    I just love watching Magoo let loose to music.
    His 'concerts' have me in stitches.
    It does come so naturally to them.

  2. Oh that is adorable!!

    And what a wonderful taste in music he is developing :)

    I loved the beach boys.

    And thanks to my Nanna who loved musical theatre, I knew every word to every song from les miserables by the time I was 6, haha!

    You're right, music does take you a time & place :)

  3. Who can it be now? Is one song imprinted on my brain. I love it! I use to love the video for it as a kid too.

    The very first pop song I loved as a kid was Kids in America by Kim Wild. Loved, loved, loved it!

    My eldest loves The Cure, we used to have to listen to it non-stop in the car. Now it;s Mary Poppins.

  4. ahh love it. My little Ava adores this song and declares it to be her favourite! She makes me giggle when she sings along to the chorus. xoxox

  5. Music from many eras has the exact same effect on me Julie but as a teen in the 80's I think it was a decade that totally rocked :)


  6. What fantastic taste he has in music!

    I still love listening to a bit of Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine" for a pick me up.

    Here's to the 80s!

  7. Love love love him, precious moments watching children dancing in front of the TV. Been a 60’s girl my children although born in the 80’s they enjoyed all the young 60’s and 70’s we use to play back then too. I love the 80’s music just not the fashion with the big hair and shoulder pads LOL! Hope they never come back.

    Always Wendy


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