Wednesday, October 12, 2011


These days, more often than not, my legs carry a special attachment... at any given time, in any given place. This stocky 13 kilo attachment is strong and hardy and maintains a killer grip, even when my legs are in motion. Deliberate and purposeful, he knows how to get attention and won't give up until he gets what he wants. It seems my little big man has reached the "UP" stage, as I refer to it and he places extra emphasis on the 'P'. uuuuuuP!

Last night I went to dinner with some great gals. Beautiful, funny, confident women, who I am blessed to have in my life. Our catch up's are few and far between, but always of the highest quality. And it is quality not quantity after all. Though the night out very nearly didn't happen. I'd planned everything to the enth degree. Boys fed, bathed, dressed and settled, in time for the changing of the guard when Scott arrived home. Then... Felix threw up his bottle of milk... everywhere... which was rather unfortunate given he'd also *just* fallen asleep. A mild panic washed over me, as I scurried to clean the mess and restore calm and order to the situation I had worked all day to create.

After much deliberation, I pulled it together and was on my way, granted, running a little late. I comforted an over tired Felix to sleep, slinked into a change of clothes and went au naturel on the makeup. Thank heavens for the fortitude and composure of my loving husband. Without it, I would no doubt throw in the towel during moments like these. Which would have been a great shame last night, given that Felix slept solidly, for a whopping 11 hours. And when I arrived home, the household was at peace, as was I, after a top night out with friends. 

uP, uP, uuuuuuuuP!


  1. Yay for nights out! Hope you enjoyed yourself and I'm glad that milk chucking didn't turn into anything to icky! Praps he just drank it too fast.

    And I (fondly!!!) remember the 'Up' stage! This too shall pass!

  2. Oh, wow! I remember those days!
    (what a perfect picture and perfect caption - that last one!)

  3. I'm so glad you went out. It's so easy to let something like that kick the mother-guilt switch.
    Gorgeous pics of your little heavy load!

  4. Oh what a determined, remember those days with the twins!! No wonder I needed back surgery, great you got your sanity time/night out even though it takes alot of planning its soooo worth it:)

  5. love your photos :) despite upsets, we all need time out. happy you had a good night.

  6. Sounds like a much deserved night out after the incident. Glad you made it. Your photos of your little Up Man are gorgeous as is your style of writing. It's lovely to stop by you blog with a cuppa in the mornings : ) Alison x

  7. Gorgeous Julie, I love your Little Man's Up face. Love him. I miss not being able to carry my son (he is 10). I asked him yesterday if he would still give me cuddles when he is 15...I want my apron strings back!

    Glad you had a lovely night out. :) xo

  8. There he is, my favourite face he is just so adorable and funny. I’m so happy you didn’t change your mind and had a great time my friend. I think it’s the times we spend away from home that helps us get through the tomorrows that are a little hard. Beside whenever we go out their always on our minds anyway so we kind of take them with us. Hope you have a great tomorrow.

    Always Wendy

  9. Glad you made it out the door and had a fun night with the ladies. So refreshing isn't it?

    I have gone cold turkey on the "uppies" in the last week. The twins are too heavy and I have had enough. The Minx isn't coping well with all the extra walking but my back wasn't going to last the distance if I had to carry the terrible two anymore. Will let you know if I relapse x

  10. Ah, lovely post!!
    And thank you for stopping by my page. It's been a while since I blogged...So much has happened these past few months, I really need to write about it I think! x

  11. Very sweet post.

    I remember those days. Heck, my daughter is four and sometimes she's all, "Up? I can't walk, my legs hurt."

  12. I'm glad you got to go out but those pics are toooooooo cute!!


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