Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Face

There is a distinct sensation, when wading out of the haze of illness. It's one of feeling depleted, weak and wide eyed, almost dopey. Like the days/weeks passed have fused together in a jumble of fantasy and reality. Every waking moment filled with dreams of getting better, every ounce of sleep plagued with the cold reality that getting better is still somewhere far from sight. This afternoon, I experienced the wading sensation. I'm an energetic person by nature and don't cope well with the frailties of sickness. I need to shake this latest dose of it once and for all, for my own sanity.

The boys have been fairly cooperative. Boisterous, but cooperative. With the exception of Felix and his daily tantrums. Today, in one of his rages, he hit his mouth on the edge of the bath. Chipping his perfect, pearly white front tooth. He cried momentarily. Then was over it. I was devastated. His very first milk tooth damaged for at least the next 4 years. My, we have a wild one on our hands.

Felix is 15 months today. His size belies his age. Thick, chunky, thighs and a solid trunk and arms. He still has all the baby rolls of chub on his wrists and cankles. This could explain why he is taking his time to walk. He potters around quite happily with a walker or holding our hands, but thinks one step unassisted is cause for applauds and cheers. Very cute to witness I must say. He eats well and fast. He gets involved in absolutely everything. Plays hard by day and sleeps deep by night... for now. He has character and attitude to burn... ever so apparent in the array of facial expressions he delights us with.

All shots taken pre-chipped tooth episode


  1. I do hope you start to feel better soon my friend it has been a while but I know mine seem to take forever to lift. Poor little Felix won't matter he still looks Gorgeous, I just love these photos I could follow him around with my camera forever. Sending you lots of energy with love.

    Always Wendy

  2. He is such a totally cutie pants!! My littest pink also has a chipped front tooth. She did is about 12 months ago and she to will live with it for years to come. I was horrified when she first did it - but we've all gotten used to her funny teeth. She's even going to be starting school like that!!! Still - she is adorable and as cute as a button - so she'll get away with it :)

  3. I love these photos .... how cute is he!!
    And I have no doubt he will still be delicious chipped tooth and all!!

  4. ahhh, love those pictures. cheeky and cute is the best combo to capture on camera! lovely blog btw. x ashley

  5. Oh how adorable...those puppy dog eyes make your heart go flip flop..chipped tooth and all ; ) x

  6. Hi, just found your blog! I am also a mum to two little (or big) boys!! look forward to following you!!
    Laura xx

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots of a gorgeous boy!!
    I'm sure he's just as gorgeous with even more character - ie. the chipped tooth!
    Wishing you a speedy full recovery soon.

  8. Oh Jules he is just ADORABLE! I found myself smiling by the second photo, just too cute.

    I hope you feel well quick smart, sending good get-well vibes your way. I too hate being sick, I don't do the whole stay-in-bed-for-days thing too well. See you on the other side real soon. xo

  9. Julie, I'm sending a 'healthy and recovery fairy' your way! Try some Berocca (my unwell/tired parent drug of choice).

    I've heard, on good authority, that the tooth fairy pays full price for all teeth, chipped or otherwise :)

  10. Oh Julie, I hope you're feeling chipper again, quick smart. Felix has so much personality! J x

  11. Happy 1 1/3 birthday young Felix. He is a gorgeous specimen (you forgot to mention how vocal he is!). Don't worry too much about the tooth - we had an episode with Doo Dah too and he has managed all right (I can't wait until he gets his next set though!) x

  12. Maybe the chipped tooth will just add character...? Not that it sounds like he's lacking it! Felix (gorgeous name btw) looks and sounds like a delight!


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