Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toddling through the weekend

Much excitement filled our home this weekend. Felix finally took off! What started on Saturday morning as a couple of shaky steps, by Sunday afternoon turned into a wonky toddle. And my, were there roars and cheers of encouragement and support from his 3 biggest fans. How I love a baby's first steps. The way their little hands flail around in the air, as they try to focus and balance and get themselves to that next forward movement. I haven't taken any photos OR video footage at this stage. We've honestly just been basking in the joy of our littlest big man actually walking. It's been 15 months coming.

The beach looked a treat this morning, on this fine Spring day. Our first official play on the sand, for the season. Whilst the air is still quite fresh and the water positively freezing, it was extra pleasant to sit on those warm granules, in the bright sunshine. It's incredible how many little nippers are getting amongst it this year. The enrolments have apparently sky rocketed yet again. We have hopes for the boy's to one day take part in nippers, Angus always watches on in awe of the mob of young bodies darting back and forth, from sand to water and back again. 

Now the photos don't lie, but they don't exactly tell the whole story of our morning at the beach. As children do, the boys completely lost their cool. With each other and with us. Always good when our children are the only ones on the beach kicking up a stink about seemingly nothing. Felix thrashed and rolled so many times, he brought home a large portion of the beach with him. Note to self: Always remember to bring along two buckets to the beach and save ourselves some serious angst. Evidently, one is simply not enough for my boys.


  1. Sharing? Are you MAD? School boy error there my friend - would have thought you would know such things by now...

  2. Gorgeous photos Jules! what a beautiful day, you are so lucky to live so close to the beach! xx

  3. Oh Julie - how could you not already know the bucket for everyone rule!!!??? Rookie mum mistake 101! Yay for the walking too. I give you a week before you start going crazy from trying to keep him away from all those things that little boys in particular find their way to!

  4. Your boys are seriously sooooo cute Julie :)

    Clever boy will be running rings around your mum before too long.

    Yep we too learnt the hard way about taking enough buckets for everyone, part and parcel of mothering I think to learn as you go.


  5. Hee hee.
    I love how our photos gloss over the tantrums and tears!!
    Just today a horrid, wailing, long afternoon saw me thinking about cancelling our dinner plans with family friends. I couldn't do more carry on - in public.
    I didn't cancel tho.
    And the butter on the table would not have melted in Magoo's mouth!!
    Your boys are beautiful - dramatics and all!

  6. Go Felix!! look out world :)

  7. Oh yay go Felix!!! Now you're in for it Jules ;-)

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like a stunning day.

  8. Good job Felix ... that will keep you on your toes.

  9. Oh Julie, that's such a precious moment to savour. And now - watch out! Felix will be into everything, as you already know from Angus. I adore the look of concentration on his face on the beach and those adorable long eyelashes - just like Sammy's ☺. J x

  10. GO FELIX!!!!!

    The photos certainly don't show any evidence of any sharing related dramas :)

    But, wow, GO FELIX!

  11. Nice one, Felix!

    Love all the beachy pics on your blog :)


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