Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream Park

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an exciting array of parks in our repertoire. When Angus was really little, he didn't seem to mind which park we went to. As long as it was outdoors, had a swing and a slide and some bark chips to gnaw on, we were set. At almost 4 years old, he is somewhat more decisive when it comes to park choices. Lately, every time we mention going to the park, he chimes in "I want to go to a brand new park Mama!". The pressure! Can't say I blame him though, same old equipment, scenery, people... I find it monotonous. Our local street park also happens to be a disgrace at the moment. It's been gradually deteriorating, with broken and missing play equipment. And the council's seemingly rehearsed response... "it is due for a complete refit 'sometime' in 2013". Councils!

The park we visited today is admired every time we drive past it. Angus never fails to trumpet insistently, "I would like to go to THAT park!" This morning his dream came true. Actually, this place was a dream come true for Mama also. An extensive variety of play equipment, all modern, clean and challenging. Plenty of grass to run through and benches to sit on. And to Angus' sheer delight, a duck pond... complete with pretty boardwalk bridge across it. Every bit THE dream park. 

It took almost our entire stay before Angus plucked up the courage to ride the giant flying fox. I'd watched him eyeing it off. Checking out others shooting through the air with shrieks of laughter. I kept quiet on the subject, rather than make a big deal of it. I wanted him to initiate the move towards it. And he did. In a big way. After eight solo sails on the thing, he was still keen for more. There can never be too much of a good thing.


  1. Oh WOW! wow wow wow!

    That is the park of all parks right there!

    Also, can I just say, you take the most BEAUTIFUL photos!


  2. Wow that looks like a pretty ace park to me! x

  3. Wow! That's a beauty.
    Gotta love a fantastic park.
    I get just as excited as the kids.
    Those pics are just magnificant!
    What a proud little thrill seeker at the end.

  4. That sure is the park of all parks...I actually think I would get just as much enjoyment out of that park as the kids :)


  5. We had the same boring park issue over the school holidays. Luckily we came across a new one that had the very same flying fox scenario! Kids are obsessed and beg to be taken back on a daily basis.

  6. Angus is onto it! Love his little face on the flying fox, he is so rapt with his adventure.

    I love your photos Julie, you capture the essence of the moment and I feel like I could have been there.

    Gorgeous park by the way, nice that you are enjoying those moments with your boys. :) xo

  7. what a great spot! the perfect park. we have one similar very close to us. penny asks everyday to go there!! it is growing bigger all the time which is great but it now attracts a gazillion people. most weekends you can hardly move. there really should be one in just about every suburb. and your right...don't hold your breath with local councils!!

  8. I sooooo want to play in that park. you take the most gorgeous photos and your cherubs are just soooo cute :) xx

  9. Looks like fun! Your followers is switched off - I'll pop back soon!
    Melissah from coastal style


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