Sunday, October 23, 2011

iHeart iTunes

I do enjoy a nice laid back Sunday. Today had the potential to be anything but, with Scott needing to go into the office for a few hours (on. a. SUNDAY!). Then, Felix refusing to nap beyond 45 minutes, after a busy morning at the park. But before I knew it, I was ignoring the floors that could do with a good go over and turning a blind eye to the basket of washing waiting to be folded. And instead, singing at the top of my lungs and grooving around the kitchen, with Angus on my hip... and back, he always loves an energetic piggy-back-dance. While Felix looked on jubilantly.

If there is one online money pit I should steer clear of, it's iTunes. But like a moth to a flame, I flit around, searching and listening and remembering all of those awesome tracks from the past and of course all the gems of the present. Then, with the click of a finger, the best part of 40 bucks is sitting in my 'purchased' folder, in the form of some shiny, new tunes. Because my oh my, purchasing music makes me smile. The iTunes concept is most certainly not lost on me. 

I have always derived much pleasure from creating compilation Cd's (or tapes as they were back in the day) of my favourite songs. So this afternoon, I put together another eclectic selection for playing in the car. What an interesting (if not quirky) mix of great artists on this one. From Foofighters to Lady GaGa, Cold Chisel to Sneaky Sound System, The Killers to James Reyne and a little bit of Adele, The Verve and Hunters & Collectors, thrown in for good measure. Eclectic, indeed.


  1. Nice choices!
    I really look forward to my next run (avec la iPod) after I have had a little spree on iTunes.

  2. I'm still trying to work i tunes out! :) xx

  3. I so get you. I have taken to hiding the itunes invoice in our email so my hubby doesnt see how much I actually spend on there. Between my songs and the kids games, i tine milks me :)
    Don't you just love compilations. I remember making them for boys I had crushes on when I was 13 and hoping that they would listen to them and think of me. How embarassing. i cannot believe I actually just admitted that :) xx

  4. In our house it's the kids that are constantly buying music. I use iTunes cards as bribery so that they mop the floors, mow the lawn etc!! My musical education has certainly been ramped up a couple of notches recently!
    Sandra x

  5. My kind of music, I think I should buy shares in iTunes since I spend so much money with them. I love the music channel go help anyone who may come to the door when my music is bouncing of the windows. Have a great day my friend.

    Always Wendy


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