Monday, August 15, 2011

To sleep like a baby

One of the nicest things about motherhood is getting the little ones to sleep. It's a pure delight. I have whiled away many hours over the past three and a half years, just watching my boys slumbering. At night, I'm the one who puts the baby to bed. At times it can be a difficult process and other times it's as easy as clicking my fingers. But they're only babies once and it's brief in the overall scheme of things. So I try to savour the experience as best I can.

Then there are times when I wish someone would put me to sleep. Or just let me sleep. Instead of being woken at 1.30am to be systematically whacked in the face, laughed at, coughed on and pushed to the far edges of the mattress. Particularly on night's like last night, when I could have done with some solid shuteye. Though in the end, as long as sleep eventually comes, I don't mind how we get there.

The times I love the most though, are the afternoon siesta's. They signify down time. Moments to catch my breath. Have a nibble of lunch. Catch up on the basic to the complex and all that falls in between. Most importantly, they provide the opportunity to capture my bubba's dreaming. So quiet, at ease and perfect. If only I could sleep like a baby.


  1. God I love your attitude :)

    And I've taken similar photos, and appreciated similar moments :)

    And you're right, I'm sure they do go too fast.

    Enjoy. You seem (are) such a eautiful mama to your 2 boys :)

  2. I remember when my eldest was a newborn and I would be rocking her in my arms as she screamed and I'd look longingly at her bassinette wishing I could curl up in it and have a sleep.

    It does go by in a blink.

    We were watching my youngest who fell asleep on the lounge last night and commenting how cute she looked asleep. xx

  3. Oh yes, so well said. I couldn't agree more.

  4. I too wish I could sleep like a baby, imagine being able to have naps throughout the day to recharge the batteries? And why do they sometimes fight it?? One day they will realise how good sleeping is.
    They are so beautiful to watch as they sleep, all the hard work makes you love them even more

  5. There is truly nothing more perfect than a sleeping baby. We often comment, in the dark of night, when we've been woken up for the fourth time, how our littlest is lucky he is so beautifully angelic when he sleeps!

  6. I just wrote about my lack of sleep.

    I think children do have a power they emit because just looking at him I am so ready for bed or pushing this paper work off my desk. Whatever is easier.

    They look so peaceful. No cares in the world. To be so lucky....

    (yawn) zzz...


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