Monday, August 1, 2011

It's raining babies!

There is something magical about the impending arrival of a brand new babe. August is set to be a busy month for new additions and a couple of them are very close to my heart. Yesterday we celebrated at a baby shower for my nephew's wife, who is due in 3 weeks. I was 10 when my nephew was born and have watched him grow through all life's milestones, to quite possibly his biggest yet. It is so very exciting.

My sister-in-law did a beautiful job of hosting the day and put on a delicious spread of sweet and savoury. My contribution of babycakes went down a treat. The weather was stunning, perfect for catching up with some of the wonderful women in my family. My niece has just returned from the UK and it was a good chance to get the low down from her trip. It is always nice to chatter, giggle and reminisce on a sunny Sunday arvo.

Angus and Scott spent quality father/son bonding time together, while I took Felix along to the shower. He is uber clingy at present and it's best for both of us if I just take him with me whenever possible. He was totally in his element. The only male among a house full of females, all squealing and cooing with delight at every move he made. And he lapped up the attention like a kitten drinking warm milk from a saucer. One year old and already a ladies man. It warms my heart to see how much he loves his Nana. Angus has always had a tremendous relationship with my parents and I hoped Felix would too. It would seem that he most certainly does.


  1. gorgeous photos! The grandparent bond is so special. looks like you had a lovely day! x

  2. Wonderful! He looks like he had a great time!!

  3. Oh, how beautiful!!

    The photos are just beautiful, and you can really see just how thrilled he was to be the recipient of so much attention :)

    I'm in the midst of planning my best friend's baby shower at present, and just so excited for her that she's about to become a mummy :)

    You're right ... It really is such a special time xxx

  4. Look at those gorgeous teeth! Love his smile. I found the same, when my little ones went through a clingy phase it was better for me to just embrace it (and them) Glad you had such a lovely time x

  5. Love Felix's little vest...totally adorable as is he :)


  6. Oh he is just gorgeous! He must be around the same age as my little girl... she is pretty clingy too and I couldn't agree more with you and Sarah. I just take Isobel with me wherever too.

    She is the first grandchild on both sides but she has an extra special relationship with my mum, her Nanny :o)

    Lovely post!


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