Tuesday, August 30, 2011

His & Her Birthdays

Scott and I met the year I turned 21. It was April and I'd just started at the company he worked at. We shared a connection from the very beginning. He was smart and funny and charming. Time spent together was always fun and filled with talking and laughter. A couple of months on, we discovered our birthdays fell one day apart. Rather coincidental, though it only added to the growing list of things we already had in common. 

A good friend and work colleague at the time was in charge of organising birthday cakes for the team Scott and I were in. He produced a rather memorable one for us that year. A chocolate mud cake, with little icing red roses and 'Scott & Julie', ever so romantically scribbled across the cake. Everyone remarked on how much it looked like an engagement cake and boy, were we red faced by the comments. Both in relationships with other people at that point. But as always, we saw the humorous side and had a good chuckle. 

Well, our friend who ordered that cake must have known something, because fast forward 12 years... and here we are! Married, house, children and still sharing a birthday cake each year. I had a lovely birthday today. Spent with my two boys and my wonderful parents. I make no secret about how uncomfortable birthdays make me feel. I dislike the fuss and undue pressure of it all. LOVE spoiling others on their birthdays, just not so keen on mine being the focal point. So it will be nice to hand the baton over to Scott at midnight, to mark yet another of our his & her birthday celebrations.

A few of my favourite birthday things 


  1. Happy, happy birthday.
    (In the least fussiest way possible!!)
    Glad you had a gorgeous day.
    Happy birthday to hubs come 12am.

  2. Well, Julie, yet another thing we have in common! Wishing you another hour of birthday happiness, my fellow Virgo ☺. J x

  3. Happy Birthday lovely, glad you had a great day! A very sweet story. xx

  4. Belated birthday wishes Julie :o)

    Happy birthday Julie's Hubby!!


  5. Are they Belle Fleur chocolates? I used to love going there on my way home from school. If I remember correctly the music one was called "the Melba" and had peach filling....Oh dear, clearly I'm a chocoholic! he he!!
    Happiest of birthday loveliness for both you and your hubby, and thankyou for your lovely comment. It put a smile on my dial.
    Take care sweets, and enjoy those choccies. xxx

  6. Happy birthday!!

    You deserve the fuss xx

    Oh, and the little cupcakes are divine!

  7. Happy Birthday Julie, love that story. Hope you enjoyed your day xx

  8. Happy birthday! Look at all those lovely treats xoxo

    Love the story of you and your man....was meant to be!


  9. Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. A big Happy Birthday to you, hope that you had a wonderful day with your boys xx

  11. Happy Birthday for yesterday Julie!

    What a gorgeous thing to have your birthdays one day apart. May you enjoy your his and hers birthdays for so many more. xx

  12. Oh, and happy birthday to hubby who has his today ;) x

  13. Happy Birthday Julie!
    I love the work cake story, how funny was that!

  14. Happy birthday to one of the loveliest people in the blogosphere! Glad you had a special one. And to hubby as well x

  15. Happy birthday Julie! Did I read correctly on Retromummies facebook page that you are getting a styling session at Westfield???!!! Lucky you - couldn't go to a nicer 'bloggy' friend.

  16. “Happy Birthday beautiful friend” what lovely gifts you have received and deserved without a doubt! How special to celebrate your birthdays a day apart. I hope you had a wonderful day so blessed to share some of it here with you xoxo

    Always Wendy

  17. such a sweet story!!
    you do deserve every bit of fuss Jules, really, we all do.
    hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day and got the squishiest of cuddles.

    here's to many more fast forwards and beautiful birthdays.

    thank you for thinking of me..you are a sweetie.

    big birthday hugs ♥

  18. Oh no how did I miss this :-( you share a birthday with my youngest brother.

    A belated but VERY Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!! Oohh and Chanel my favourite also. I hope you and hubby both had perfect days xox

  19. I am so sorry I missed your birthday! Please forgive me!

    Happy belated birthday wishes. It looks like you had a wonderful day. How divine to be spoiled with Chanel!

    Happy Birthday to hubby too!

    Best wishes for a fabulous year.

  20. Happy Belated birthday!!! May all your wishes come true and may you always feel the love that surrounds you :)


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