Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brother Dearest

I don't look forward to dressing Felix. He is such a difficult baby to pin down. He wriggles and squirms, which quickly turns into thrashing and bucking. It's a workout in itself getting him from nappy to singlet to pants and top. He is strong. Really strong. He has serious weight behind him and he knows how to use it forcefully. After his bath this evening, I was caught off guard and he did one of his famous backflips. Using every ounce of power to arch his back and twist around. His head connected with my upper lip and I could have sworn he loosened my tooth on impact. The area was numb for a good half hour following the collision. 

Earlier today, just as we were about to head out, silly me walked past the kitchen bench where a glass of water stood. Again, caught off guard, Felix took a swing from his position on my hip. In an attempt to save the glass from breaking I raised my leg. I did manage to stop the glass before it hit the floor, but the entire contents spilled right down my leg. Always when you're just about to walk out the door.

So Felix has pressed my buttons a little today. Though something beautiful came out of my vocal frustration regarding his behaviours. Evidence of a growing unconditional love between my boys. On both occasions when I raised my voice, Angus rushed to Felix's side to comfort him. Spoken in the sweetest tone, he whispered "it's alright baby". It fills me with so much pride witnessing the developing relationship between them. I am never under any misconception around how much they get on each other's nerves, but I definitely have a couple of great mates here. A bond that will carry them through their lives and no doubt serve as impetus against their Mama and Dada one day.


  1. that is so sweet, brotherly love! I love catching a glimpse of kindness and love between my too, in between the bickering that is! i peered in the lounge room this afternoon to see them sitting together on the couch arms around each other! melts my heart! x

  2. Gorgeous! My girls do the same things.
    Quite often they'll be fighting and I'll step in and rouse on whoever was in the wrong, then the other sister will jump to her defense and say: "Don't be mean to my sister!" Sheesh!

  3. What a goosebumps inducing read :)

    Thank you!

    Your boys are beautiful.

    My sister and I have 14 months between us, and have a bond this can't even be described in words.

    Siblings are precious! xx

  4. Aaaawww.
    Brothers in arms. Hopefully not against their folks!!

  5. That is too sweet! Yes it is awesome that they are there for each other. So be ready when they get older! LOL

    Your boys are adorable :)


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