Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There is definitely a sense of Spring in the air. Beautiful, mild days. Sun shining brightly. Buds bursting into bloom all over the place. And lots of little birdies, busy and protective of their patch. I had two very different encounters with some feathered friends yesterday. 

I dragged my backside around the park, for a 10km time trial. I hadn't run in two whole weeks and it felt like... I hadn't run in two whole weeks. It was a battle, but I eventually clocked up the km's... 3 minutes slower than the last time I trained, which I was pretty disappointed with. Running through a particularly leafy section of the park, I felt the all too familiar peck to the back of the head. Scratch of claws catching on my hair. The flutter of wings around my ears. I was being dive bombed by a native minor bird. Defensive little buggers getting all on edge with me running beneath their residence. I've been attacked like that before, though not for a long time. It really freaks me out. So when I ran past the same point on my second lap around, I pulled the hood on my jacket over my head in an attempt to disguise myself. It didn't help. They were onto me and once again, cracked straight into the back of my head.

Then, on the way back to the car, I stumbled on another example of unwavering commitment. Though this time, the scene was far more peaceful and the subjects way cuter. And I wasn't a perceived threat to these youngins. I carefully kept my distance, taking my snaps while camouflaged behind a tree. I'm assuming this was Mama and Papa Swan with their fluffy, grey cygnets. They were certainly acting every bit like doting parents. Protective and in control of their precious little family. 


  1. Aw bless. To the second encounter - not the first!

  2. Awwwww, they're so lovely...from a distance!
    I've been attacked by minor birds, magpies and a black swan. Those things are huge when they're coming at you!

    Embarrassing but true - as kids, we used to wear ice-cream containers on our heads because the tree we parked our bikes under at school always had attacking magpies in spring. And yes, the kids (and teacher) laughed at us! But it worked! lol

  3. I am officially pathetically old now because whenever I see stuff like this, I CRY. It's being a Mum I think.

  4. What a happy sight! It would take all my willpower not to drop a bread crumb trail all the way to my backyard! gxo

  5. Oh my gosh - fluffy ducks! Could there be anything cuter??!! Am still totally jealous of people that can actually run too! The dive bombing birds put me totally off... like a really needed an excuse.

  6. Hi JJ..don't worry about the 3 minutes..just love that you can run 10km! Enjoy it all the way, it doesn't last forever..well usually anyway. The cygnets are very special..what a lovely discovery..serendipity.

  7. I actually think that this experience would put me off running indefinitely! But the picture... bless! xx

  8. I think it is great to have a camera while you go for a run. You are able to catch all these moments.

    The swan pictures are so lovely :)


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