Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This used to be my playground

I was feeling particularly nostalgic yesterday. We visit my parents about once a week, but there is something about warm, sunny days, that bring back endless happy memories of my childhood home. The garden, where I spent the bulk of my time when the sun was shining, has changed very little over the years. I still get the same familiar comfort from being in it.

I feel very fortunate, at the age of 32, to be able to go back to my childhood home whenever I please. Taking my boys back with me, is just an added bonus. While they are still too young to fully appreciate the true beauty of my parent's gardening skills, I know they love being a part of it. They relax quicker, play more freely and sleep better, after a day of frolicking in the backyard. Much like when I was a child, they find so many things to do. So many places to discover. So many distractions to keep them sharp.

It really looked like spring had already sprung in the garden yesterday. The flower beds brimming with colourful bloom and the sun beating down upon it all. I couldn't resist taking photo after photo. Just wanting to capture every piece of Wintery goodness. Because it is August afterall and this IS Winter in Sydney. Going through the oodles of pics, I realised something which has been at the back of my thoughts for a while. I LOVE taking photos. I am no professional by any stretch, but the more I take, the more addicted to it I become. Candid snaps are fast becoming my favourite hobby.


  1. I'm so glad you appreciate being able to go back to your childhood home. I really pine for this as we moved around so much. How wonderful to have memories that take you RIGHT back! You lucky thing... xx

  2. Gorgeous! These picks are lovely and yes...spring is coming. Yippee!

    There is something comforting about returning to where you grew up.


  3. And you are very good at it, lovely photos!
    Your parents garden looks beautiful, spring is certainly on the way!

  4. Wow, Julie! You have a real talent there. Keep nurturing it - I look forward to seeing more such beauties. J x

  5. So nice to be able to go back to your family home. It looks so lovely and green! Beautiful shots by the way xx

  6. That's so special to have your family home to return to with your family.
    Sometimes it's more than bricks & mortar.
    Your pics are stunning.

  7. Gorgeous garden! I love the flowers and your boys seem to enjoy it as well :)

  8. You know I'm right there with you on that one! If I go out anywhere I take about 100 photos now...crazy!!! Yours are gorgeous!

  9. Hi Julie..I feel relaxed just looking at the photos of that georgeous garden! Beautiful.

  10. You definitley have an eye for photography the look of your parents garden, just gorgeous.


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