Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dance like no one is watching

I started today with cranky pants on. Maybe it was Felix's poo explosion first thing or the milk sticking to the bottom of the saucepan, due to the time it took to clean said poo explosion. The bundles and bundles of washing strewn all over the house didn't help. Nor did the bossy three and a half year old peck-peck-pecking at me for "yoghurt! milk! toast!" Then I worked myself into a flap over the general state of the house, because my friend and her gorgeous baby girl were coming for lunch. And of course she really cares about things like mess, disorder, chaos. Yet I fret about it every time I have friends or family over.

So there I was flapping about causing more angst and drama as I went. Then Hey Ya! by Outkast started up on the radio. My mood shifted. Something about certain songs and the effect they have on me, is almost primal. I love to dance and this one never fails to get me grooving. And groove I did. Right in the middle of the kitchen (our dance floor as it has come to be). It felt good. It made me smile, relaxed my muscles, entertained the boys. It's so nice that they're young enough not to be weirded out by their Mama dancing. They actually really enjoy it.

So many wonderful occasions in my life have been marked or celebrated with music and dancing. It's a drug for the soul. Can't get enough of it. People who know me well, also know this. I'm only too willing to dance like no one is watching... in front of everyone! From that point on this morning, the day changed shape and we all had a ball. And my lovely friend didn't bat an eyelid... she was way too sleep deprived to even move her eyes.


  1. Smiling and tapping my toes as the song plays in the background... happy day to you lovely Julie. gxo

  2. You are so right about the power of music. I have music playing here all of the time, blog about it every week and my kids have been learning an instrument and having music lessons from a very young age. It is so important!

    Great post..great pictures too!

    Best wishes and I hope that the rest of your week is trouble free!


  3. Love the photos of you dancing, makes me want to get up and dance! you are gorgeous! x

  4. Ah, the power of gets me toe tapping every time I hear it and I am also not one to shy away from getting up for a good boogie.
    These photos show the effect that music has on your soul :)


  5. 'Music is a drug for the soul' hmmm.. I like that! It's a truth. I'm exactly the same, my mood can flip on a dime if a song comes on that kickstarts something in me, a memory, a remembered feeling. Mostly the good ones :o)

    My daughter and I love dancing together. And we both love music. It bonds us :o)

  6. I love to dance too! It has been way too long since going out dancing, I now do it in the lounge room with my boys :) They love it too . Love the pics xx

  7. I love that you love to dance ... it's so much fun, but sadly I don't really do it much anymore.
    Is it too late for a NY resolution to dance more??

  8. Keep through all your days gorgeous girl!

  9. Pretty woman (just like you) that song gets my groove on every time!! love that song funny how some songs can change your mood in a minute. So glad to hear your day turned to happiness.

    Always Wendy

  10. I love dancing just as well but my kids are old enough to make fun and laugh. It doesn't stop me one bit.

    Keep dancing it is good for the sou1 :)

  11. Julie, I love that saying about dancing like no-one is watching. Before I even heard of it, I did just that. And continue to do so! I hope you continue to do so too! xx

  12. Haha! Love it!
    I too love dancing but have no rhythm whatsoever! My sister and I decided to go with our unco moves and exaggerate them, which results in some pretty unattractive dancing. We have a ball and most of the time others join in and try to do the most crazy funny moves! Although last year at one of my staff's wedding, her younger brother (17) was trying some moves on me, of course I'm married and almost old enough to be his mother so wasn't trying to impress him, and I was doing a hillbilly dance. He told me to stop cos it was turning him off! Um, not trying to turn you on little boy!!
    Have fun and keep dancing!
    Rach xx


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