Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We met at a time when our world had been turned upside down. Tired, emotional, out of our depths. Over the past three and a half years our friendship has evolved, as the highs and lows of motherhood have presented themselves to us. We became neighbours coming up to 2 years ago when Scott and I purchased our new home. So we found ourselves living on the same street, meeting up for play dates in the local park and sharing similar stories from the frontline.

Last year, within a month of each other, we gave birth to our second son's. For the past year, we've juggled life with two boys. The good, the bad and the ugly. This morning my friend announced that she and her husband are moving back to the UK in December. I am really happy for them, as I know they have been agonising over making the right decision for their family. But I'm also a touch sad. We've had such an easy going connection from practically the minute we became Mama's. Thrown together as a result of our boys. It's incredible the people we meet and the friendships we forge, long into our adult lives. When we think we have made our circle and have no desire to add to it. We do. Motherhood has shown me that there will always be room for more and I'm ever so pleased by the realisation.

On a chirpier note, I am quite impressed by the energy levels within the mighty Angus of late. Ever since he started at his new preschool, he has gained a new level of confidence. He seems happier, more enthusiastic and even a little more considerate of his baby brother (with the exception of trying to tackle him to the floor at every opportunity). It fills my heart with joy to watch him play and move. And run. LOTS of running. Everywhere. Boys! 


  1. Awww.
    My neighbour has been a rock and fellow meltdown mama at times. Our kids are like brother and sister - and I'd be terribly sad to see them go.
    I feel for you.
    Go Angus!

  2. Whether to move or not is always such an agonising decision...we are currently faced with maybe having to go back to Brisbane and leaving behind the great life we have made for ourselves here in Perth, including friends who have become like family...I feel so torn at what to do.

    Yay for Angus!!


  3. Oh! It is so damn hard to say goodbye!

    I completely understand thebittersweetness of it all.

    My sister is happiest when traveling the world. Selfishly, I want her here in oz to watch Max grow.

    But I know she's happiest when free to roam the globe.

    That was a very hard goodbye.

    Thankfully, the Internet will have the capacity to keep you guys close :)


  4. I know how you feel! When I was pregnant with No3 Boy, my best friend and Saviour of my Sanity, announced that she was moving to the South West of England with her family, including Biggest Boy's Best Buddy. Then 6 years later I did the same thing to another friend. It's so hard to be the one left behind, your friend is off on a new adventure without you but there will be new friends and on the bright side, you'll have someone to visit should you ever get the chance to head to the UK!
    Sandra x

  5. It is amazing how many friends you make when you become a mother. And not only are they friends, they are at times, saviours. They seem to understand exactly what you are going through, their understanding runs deep. This means that you will now have a friend in the UK to go and visit :)

    My oh my, can't boys run - where do they seem to get all that extra energy from?

  6. I have an amazing friend I met in my prenatal classes with my son who is now 7! I dont know how we would have coped without each other. I would never allow her leave me now under any circumstances!

    And yes boys are FULL of non-stop energy... but so are girls!!!

  7. I hate change! Don't they know they have to ask for permission to move away? LOL

    Like you said - change. It happens. At least you knew someone you meshed well with.

    Angus looks like all boy :) Keeping you on your toes.


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