Friday, August 5, 2011

Afternoon Sun

Working 2 days a week has brought about many changes, none more so than the impact that being out for those 2 days has on my housework. Up at 6am. Out the door at 7am, with two fed/changed/dressed little guys in tow. Home again around 6pm. Then it's straight into dinner/bath/bed routine. At this point, I'm spent and just want to watch tele, surf the net or tumble into bed. I could probably do with a bit more organisation, just to reign in some control come Friday evening. But as I sit here with a stack of chores to take care of... including almost every. single. article. of clothing we own in the dirty clothes basket... I have surrendered to the chaos. This IS how it's going to be for the moment. It won't be forever. And I will have a clean and tidy house again one day.

Last night I went to switch my camera on to snap a couple of candids. It had other ideas, because apparently a lens error is preventing my little work horse of a camera from doing what it does best. Nothing I try has rectified the problem. I find it rather ironic that just a day after my written admission about how I love taking photos, the source of my addiction gives up on me. Maybe it's trying to tell me something about my photographic prowess... or lack there of. Thankfully I held onto my previous old faithful camera, so all is not lost. Whilst it's not quite as sharp as the newer model I've been using, it does the job. And hey, it actually works!

I had a few shots that were taken the other day at my parent's place before the camera went kaput. Just as we were about to head home for the day. I clicked them in the front garden and I think they do fine justice to the star attractions. A spectacular Magnolia tree and a hot hot HOT pink cherry blossom. Both basking elegantly in the afternoon sun. Broken camera aside, I am not giving up on photography... just yet.


  1. No Julie, you should definitely NOT give up on your photography! Those photos are just stunning. I LOVE magnolias and feel like spring is just around the corner. Yippee!

    Have a wondeful weekend!! xx

  2. You seriously know how to take a good picture...these are stunning!!

    I know how you feel on the home front...I don't work outside of the home but with homeschooling I just don't find the time.


  3. I would love to have a magnolia tree in my backyard...

  4. I LOVE the photo where the light is behind the branches of the magnolia!

    Just perfect.

    P.S I dream of one day being so rich, I can afford a cleaner. Don't we all? ;)

  5. These are just spectacular, Julie! Have you considered becoming a photographer?! J x

  6. Oh I'm adoring the magnolias out at the moment. Our neighbours have the most divine tree that puts a smile on my face every time I pull up. Looking up at the flowers against the blue sky! Sigh!

    You're a fab photographer. x

  7. beautiful photos Julie! I love magnolias! Hope your having a good weekend! xx

  8. If only I could take photos like that .. love the Magnolia!


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