Monday, August 22, 2011

A new day

When I woke up, I didn't feel much like doing anything today. Or more so, when I was woken up from a completely blissful slumber, at 6am. By any definition, 6am is early for kicking the day off. Yesterday afternoon was a bit disastrous around these parts. Felix threw up everywhere. I sat on my sunglasses and poleaxed them. Angus turned the whine & whinge meter up to extreme. And Scott was out with the boys at the footy. Despite my happy post of lemon slice and a beautiful dinner date... I was feeling pretty low about the day I'd just had. BUT as I always try to focus on the positives, I prefer to write about the lows when I'm in a better frame of mind.

So today I decided to accept the offer of a park play date with a good friend and her little girls. Sometimes it's important to push through the emotional pain barrier and just get out of the house. With that I declared it a hat day. I am not normally one to wear hats. Though I had a beyond bad hair day going on, a puffy, sore right eye AND no sunnies to hide the eye or swoosh my hair back with. It was an obvious choice for me. We walked to another of our terrific local parks and had a really lovely morning. The kids played well together. They shared. Looked out for each other. Enjoyed the sunshine and breeze.

This Mama gig is tough. Not a day goes by where I don't count my blessings for these adorable little big men we've created. Then there are moments where I'm not sure what to do next or where to pick up from. It only takes one bad day, or half a day even, to rock the confidence levels. To leave me questioning my ability to cope. Then a new day dawns and I just dig deep and it's so worth it. Worth every. single. second. After all, nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.


  1. Good on you.
    Us Mums are bred tough.
    Just when we think we're done, a new day dawns and we get back up. (Or get literally pulled up!)
    Nothing like a happy, uncomplicated play!

  2. Oh your boys are so adorable.
    Nothing like a hat to fix a bad hair day and nothing like a bad day to give you a big dose of perspective. Being a Mum is a tough gig but it's worth every tough moment to watch those gorgeous faces smile back at you and you realize you're doing a great job!!

  3. handsome boys! I know just what you mean, this mumma gig is a tough one! i am glad you got out and about and had a nice trip to the park today, always seems to make things a little better! xx

  4. Oh I can relate to this...I really felt on top of the Mummyhood gig until recently when Bubble started throwing tantrums, totally rocking my confidence in how I'm parenting.

    And yet, she has also become so much more affectionate. If she gave me just one cuddle or kiss a day, it would be worth it but she actually gives me LOADS.

    SO I must be doing something right, eh? :o)

  5. Being a mum sure does rock your confidence..often..and to the bone, but I think you're discovering the way through..just push on regardless! Well done Mama!

  6. Keep up the good work Julie! You are always the best mother when you manage to survive days like this.

  7. You're an amazing Mum my friend it just shines through your blog believe me!!

    So glad you took up the park date sometimes that is all we need to get out of the house and breathe, proud of you. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day for sure xo

    Always Wendy

  8. I remember my nana telling me that nothing worth having or doing ever comes easy and she was so right.
    Mothering is a tough gig no matter what stage our children are at..I live by the mantra that tomorrow is another day and it has held me in good stead :)

  9. God you write beautifully, and positively, even in less than positive moments. I think that is such a beautiful trait to have in life, honestly!

    This post has really lifted my spirits, as I head into the longest time I've ever been without Max, thankyou :)



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